Natural Foods You Can Provide to Your Dog


They say it is what you eat, it is also true for dogs. Nutritional values ​​of a living organism must be complete in terms of nutritional values ​​and provide everything necessary for both internal and external health. There are natural, chemical-free foods available on the market, but how can you provide your dog with all-natural food?


Natural Foods You Can Provide to Your Dog


In our previous articles we mentioned how important the BARF diet is for cats and dogs. Although they are animals, they should follow a very similar diet. However, you should avoid some harmful food while doing this .


There are many fruits and vegetables that are useful for our furry friends. All you need to do is find out which is beneficial for your friend and which is harmful. As My Animals, we argue that you must give your pets natural foods.


doğal besinler yiyen hayvanlar

 Most Natural Foods for Animals



Although most processed foods contain chicken in their main ingredient, cooking homemade chicken for your animal will provide the protein it needs. But remember, you should never give your pets raw food. Always ensure that it is cooked or boiled, free of salt and oil.


sebzeler ve tavuk


Both cats and dogs love chicken. However, clean all the bones of the chicken before giving it to your animal . When bones are swallowed, they can cause digestive problems as well as stick to your dog’s throat and cause death.




Although seen as a food for cats, dogs also enjoy eating fish. So they both take protein and meet the fatty acids necessary for their bodies. You should serve your dog’s fish lean and salt-free and without bones, as we do with chickens.


balık kafası yiyen beyaz köpek


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 Fruits and rice

Vegetables with rice or pasta prepared without adding onions and garlic may be useful for your pet. If you want to sweeten you can choose olive oil. However, do not let your dog eat tomato-containing sauces or dishes, no matter what!


bir kase çilek ve köpek


Apples (seedless) and bananas can be preferred for cats and dogs. However, do not give your dog grapes, raisins, cherries, currants or avocados!




Everyone knows that cats love milk, but dogs do. As a matter of fact, if your dog sees you eating yogurt, it ends immediately on your bottom and wants to sweep the bottom of the bowl with your tongue. You should not give yogurt to your dog often , but yogurt can be a great reward for your dog and can appetite.


yoğurt kabını yalayan köpek


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 Natural foods such as vegetables


There are vegetables that are healthy for your pet, but vegetables should not be the main ingredient in your animals’ diet. Animal proteins, such as steaks and fish, should be the main food source of a dog. However, mixing vegetables and meat will make your dog eat paws!


oturan köpek ve doğal besinler


Just like chicken and fish, vegetables should be well cooked and soft so that your dog has no trouble chewing or digesting them.


Believe it or not, peanuts are one of the most common snacks given to pets. We do not recommend that you give your dog too often due to the high amount of fat in its content. However, you can make a lot of homemade cookies using peanuts as your main material! It will be a great snack for your pet.


You can easily make cookies with natural peanut butter and wheat flour. Add some water, give the cookies the desired shape and bake at 180 degrees. Your dog will love cookies!


As you can see, it is not difficult to provide your pet with more natural nutrients, away from chemicals and processed foods.


As a result, providing your pet with a more natural diet is the best choice!









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