Needs of Pet Dogs


Dogs have been owned for centuries have been fed at home. But in spite of this fact, natural instincts also need to be satisfied. Although dogs adapt to our home life, they cannot stop what they feel and do. These are instincts that dogs cannot ignore.


Some of these instincts make it difficult to live together. For example, storing things or digging pits in the garden. But, such behavior is unstoppable because it’s not just instinct, it’s part of their character.



Communication with other dogs and people


Dogs are flock animals. In other words, they are used to being with and communicating with other living things. This makes them very clever pets. A dog cannot survive on the balcony or in the garden, playing by himself without being allowed into the house.


In fact, there are also stories that such alone dogs have gone mad. So before you can adopt a dog, you need to understand its need to interact with other living things. Therefore, if you will not allow him to live under the same roof as you, it is better not to own any dogs.


Dogs must also interact with other dogs. Your dog’s fear of being injured or hurt by another dog outside is very normal, but your dog needs this interaction. Let other dogs smell, play with them, even fight. Nothing happens. On the contrary, it would be very good for him.


Eating, drinking and sleeping


This is one of the most basic needs of people. You must remember that dogs had to look for their own food before they were domesticated. Therefore, the most natural instinct of every dog ​​whose basic needs are met is satisfied.



Sense of smell is very important for dogs. Dogs use their sense of smell to feel, understand and communicate the world around them. That’s why there are more than 250 million odor cells in their noses. Of us humans, it’s only 10 million.


For this reason, do not treat your dog as a child when you go for a walk. Let him smell everything he wants because it’s the easiest way to get to know his surroundings. While at home, you can motivate him by playing hide-and-seek with his toys to satisfy this instinct.


Playing games


Mobility is very important for a dog and the easiest way to play games. When your dog wants to play games, you should adapt to it even if the timing is not right for you. As a result, you will be stimulating his brain. Remember, healthy head means a healthy body.


Chewing bone and playing with toys are natural behaviors for dogs. And don’t scold him when he bites his toys. After all, didn’t you get the toys for this?




havlayan köpek


Dogs have the ability to communicate by speaking, and barking is their speech. So when you come home, they bark like they do when they hear unusual sounds – like a good guard dog does. You probably won’t understand what they’re saying, but let him communicate the way he knows.


This communication instinct also relates to their sense of smell. That’s why dogs can do something disgusting to people. For example, smelling urine and feces from other dogs. Still, this is extremely normal for them. In this way they understand and communicate with each other. Who are we to try to stop it?









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