New Toy for Your Dog: Kong


Another invention is added every day to make our lives easier, and of course there are also innovations in accessories that will make our animal friends happy. In this article we will talk about a dog toy called Kong.


What is Kong?


kongla oynayan köpek

 Kong is a pear-shaped toy with many different colors. It is almost impossible to dismantle Kong , which owes its popularity to its hard and durable structure , but it will certainly not harm your animal’s teeth .

The main feature of Kong is that you can put food into it. So he will draw your dog’s attention and spend the day playing with Kong and trying to get the formula out.


The benefits of Kong to your dog


In addition to being intact, this toy will force your dog to try countless methods while trying to remove food from it, so Kong will also train your dog’s mind .


Especially if your dog spends a long time alone at home, this toy will also prevent boredom.


However, despite all these useful aspects, some animal owners observe that their dog only plays with Kong for a few days and then forgets. Such situations may occur if you do not know how to use Kong .


There are things you need to do to use this toy properly or your animal will lose interest in Kong.


How to use Kong?


When you give the toy for the first time, your dog will try to take the food out, will stop playing when he can’t do it after a few tries. Therefore, there are a few steps to follow in order to use Kong correctly.


Step 1


When you give your dog your first Kong to play, you must put food in the toy that is easy to eat. If you use foods that are difficult to remove, you may experience stress because it will be very difficult on the first try.


A handful of normal dry dog ​​food will suffice for the first trial. It doesn’t matter if it takes a while to get the food out, let him learn by playing.


Step 2


In the next step you can soak and put it in Kong or use sticky foods. Thus, it will be a little more difficult to remove the food from inside.


Continue this phase for several days. It will remove the food more easily each time you try and you can proceed to the next step.


Step 3


Instead of small, piece-by-piece food, this time we will put one big piece. For example, there may be a cookie or reward food if it is large enough. Make sure it’s not too big to get out of it, but it’s harder than the previous steps .


yavru köpek oyun oynuyor


Step 4


When you come to this step, your dog will already be addicted to this toy . When you’re at work, you won’t have to think about what my dog ​​is doing because you know you’re playing with Kong.


The last step begins by filling half of Kong with food and half with water. Allow the food to swell for a while before giving it to your dog. This is the hardest way to play with Kong, but now that he knows what to do, he will keep trying until he takes out the food.


Reward your pet after every step that goes well while learning . Remember that positive reinforcement is the best way to teach your dog something.


From time to time you can also put special prizes into Kong. He will absolutely love it!


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