Noosa Surf Festival: A Sport for Dogs and Owners


If you’re passionate about gliding over the waves on your surfboard, and so is your dog, then you shouldn’t miss the Noosa Surf Festival. This festival has been held in Australia for 25 years. Fans and athletes from all over the world come to participate in this festival. However, since it started in 2012 competition for dogs and their owners has been one of the most visitors’ activities in Australia.


Noosa Surf Festival for dogs and owners, the most important thing is not to win


noosa sörf festivalinde sahibiyle sörf yapan köpek


Apart from just practicing the sport itself, surfing with your pet is a great opportunity for dogs and their owners to have a good time together. That’s why many people go to the Noosa Surf Festival.


The founding partner of the festival, Paul Jarrett, says that for dogs and their owners, “it’s not about winning or losing 19 and that the participants are” people who love the ocean, surfing and nature ”.


Judging by the pictures of the event, it seems natural for some dogs to surf with their owners on the same board. Watch this video !


Surfing is a sport where dogs and their owners can compete together. The Noosa Surf Festival in Australia is a good opportunity for this to happen.


The benefits of surfing with your dog


Former tandem surf champion and currently dog ​​trainer Chris de Aboitz is responsible for this event at the Noosa Surf Festival. He demonstrates his skills on the surfboard with his dogs Millie and Rama. It also tells people about the benefits of surfing with their dogs.


De Aboitz explains that surfing is a good way to improve a dog’s natural balance. Not only does the training method be used by the owners to surf with their dogs, it also helps them solve their behavioral problems. For example:


Surfing is a sport you will share with your dog


Australia is not the only place where surfing with dogs is popular. Tournaments were held in the United States. The most popular tournaments were held in San Diego and California: Loews Coronado Bay Resort Surf Dog Competition and Surf Dog Surf-A-Thon.


If you are interested in surfing with your dog, you should find out if your pet likes the idea.


There are many breeds of dogs who love water, such as Labradors . However, not all dogs like water. If you can’t eliminate your dog’s fear of surfing, you can always look for different competitions that you can both participate in.


The best type of activity is when you and your furry friend have a good time together and strengthen your relationship. Avoid creating a traumatic experience by forcing your dog to do something he does not like.


Teach your dog how to surf


noosa sörf yarışmasında yarışan köpek


However, if your dog loves the idea of ​​surfing with you, be patient and start working at home. Here are the next steps:



  • On land, make sure your dog is familiar with the surfboard. Let them smell them, make them climb on them. When you overcome your fear, you can begin to accustom him to movements that you will feel on the ocean.

  • When your dog is ready to train in water, you should start by taking him to a pool .

  • If everything goes well in the pool, then it’s time to take her to the beach and start surfing the waves.


Final tips before surfing with your pet


Before entering the water with your dog, be sure to wear a life jacket. There are life jackets specially designed for dogs. Also note that the board should not be slippery. Make sure your pet has a surface to hold onto with its paws.


When everything is ready, it’s time to start having fun! Remember what this activity is about. In addition, you can strengthen your bond with your friend by surfing. So, if you have the chance to participate in the Noosa Surf Festival, do not miss this deal!


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