Number 4 You Can Teach A Cat


Many people do not think that cats are trainable pets. This theory may be based on the tradition of training dogs and their learning abilities. However, a cat can also learn commands and tricks that can make living with them more enjoyable. Would you like to know what these numbers are? Then read on!


Before you begin, you should definitely remember that if you want to teach your cat something you should be patient. Of course, every cat has its own mind. You should be patient with this and keep in mind that training a puppy is not the same thing as training an adult dog. Are you ready?


Numbers You Can Teach A Cat


Can you imagine your cat giving you his paw when you want to? You can actually teach both this command and other commands to your cat. Read on to learn how!


Shaking hands …


kedilere pati uzatmayı öğretmek


We wanted to start with a trick that all pet owners wanted to teach their cats. Shaking hands with your cat can please you very much. Alone, we’ve seen dogs shaking hands before; but can you teach cats how to do that? Yeah!



  • First select the correct time and place. Avoid noise or other factors that may distract or even distract the animal.

  • Select a command or use a clicker (clicked on to our language and you will find detailed information about this device below). Decide which word to associate the command you will teach. This word can be one of the words “hello”, “salute”, “paw ver or“ shake hands ”.

  • Choose a reward your cat can love. The best option to teach a pet something is to apply positive reinforcement on the animal. When your cat follows the command you give him, it will be one of the best sources of motivation for your cat to continue to follow the command.

  • Shake the patisi. When teaching your cat this number, repeat the word you have chosen for the command or use a clicker. Thus, the animal will be able to detect a connection between command and behavior.

  • Show your cat the prize. If you tell your cat the magic words, remove his paw and show him the reward; your cat will be able to reconcile everything and it won’t take long to learn the command.


Repeat these steps for several days and do this exercise from time to time without a reward. The cat will eventually begin to instinctively make this move in front of you and understand what you want.


Making Your Time Come Here



  • Choose a reward food as a reward for your cat.

  • As you always do when calling your cat, show the prize food this time . Only then will your cat listen to you.

  • Always use the same command to call your cat. However, do not give your cat food directly as soon as you call it. First let him smell it, then congratulate him for coming and finally give the food to your cat.

  • Do not repeat this movement for a very long time. Because the animal can be tired and bored , he also can not manage to concentrate for so long. So make small sessions with breaks twice as long as training sessions and you’ll see for yourself that it works.


Go Fetch!


kedi eğitimi için ipuçları


Teach your cat to play “go and fetch la in simple steps . This is one of the best tricks you can teach a cat.



  • Choose a toy you want your cat to go and bring it to your cat. Let your cat smell and recognize the toy.

  • Throw the toy to the farthest distance you can throw. There are very few cats that can resist going after a toy flying away in the air.

  • Your cat will probably not catch the toy. So you will have to go and get the toy yourself. If he catches, take the toy back carefully.

  • Go back to where you started the game with your toy and cat. The cat will know that you have the toy.

  • If you repeat this game several times, the cat will sooner or later begin to understand what you want.


For a cat , the simple fact that you throw the toy back again already provides the motivation for the cat to bring him back. Cats enjoy playing “go and fetch” and once they learn to play, they will want to play more often.


Using a Clicker


We have already written about how useful this object is. Clicker is used as a tool to help strengthen positive. The animal establishes a connection between a particular behavior and the sound produced by this device, and animal owners use it to achieve their goals.


You can achieve great results if you use reward food with a clicker during cat training. However, you should only use this device for training. If you use a clicker to play the game, you will be confused by the animal and you will not be able to train the animal.


Do you now believe that there are some tricks you can teach cats too? Or have you already started taking notes about the numbers you want to teach your cat? Go ahead and start training your cat!









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