Once "Nanny Dogs": Pitbulls


Nowadays, even the pronunciation of pitbull arouses negative judgment for many people . This species is known for its aggressive nature.


Still, the situation was not always so pessimistic. Many people don’t know that pit bulls have been used to protect children for a long time.


Many problems with behavior and aggressive attitude can be eliminated by solid training , but all of these are all about the dog’s personality. Pitbullar is the most basic example of this.


Why the name of the bulls appeared?


People chose to take advantage of their physical characteristics (strong jaw structure) by choosing an easy way to make a profit in dog fights.


Over the years, this damned human community has used different animal species in illegal fights. While these people enthusiastically watched the fights, the dogs were trying to kill each other.


This brought aggression to the nature of the pit bulls. Unfortunately, people still match this attitude with the pit bulls today. Still, it would not be fair to say that the pit bulls were aggressive in nature.


A dog may be prone to aggression. Nevertheless, this is due to false ideas that people have made up with such dogs for years. Unfortunately, aggressive instinct can pass to other generations through the DNA of one organism.


Other articles say that a pet owner has two main issues to focus on: whether the dog receives training and how the dog owns it.


Nevertheless, it is worth saying that before these famous dogfights, he had a very positive outlook on pit bulls. In fact, pit bulls were once used as “nanny dogs”.


pitbullar kavga ediyor


The Once Upon A Time “Nanny Dogs”: Pitbulls


In the 19th century, people accepted pit bulls as the most suitable dog species as babysitters . In fact, there was a pitbull who fulfilled his duty as a nanny dog ​​in every house where children were found.


Regardless of the social status of the family, these dogs made a good name for themselves and were loved by everyone with their wonderful behavior.


This is actually true today. In studies conducted on pit bulls , Golden Retrievers are the most tolerant dog breed pit bulls.


Yes everyone I love is Golden Retriever dogs, used as guide dogs for people with special needs. Ironically, everyone wants to get rid of the pit bulls while claiming Golden Retrievers.


When people use pit bulls as nannies, it shows that this species has a friendly, tolerant personality. They are also loyal and family oriented dogs.


It wouldn’t be a problem for mothers and fathers to leave their children alone with a pitbull because they knew that they were patient and lovable and would disregard their own lives to protect them.


This species thus achieved a great reputation. He defended himself, stuck to his family, and fought for those around him. In addition, he was friendly to everyone, including foreigners.


If any of these families were living today, they would be shocked to see how the perspective of the pit bulls changed.


Nanny to the Dog Afraid of Dog


This type of dog evolved from the nanny to the feared dog. Still, the dog is not the culprit.


When a pitbull behaves aggressively, it is due to the dog’s ignorance and the owner’s failure to train him. By ignorance we mean that a certain level of knowledge is required for the proper training of pit bulls .


The history of this species showed that it had characteristics to be trimmed. And if you know how, you can do it.


If you are not equipped enough to leave the training of pit bulls to a professional or to provide training, the character of the dog will of course deteriorate.


The truth is that this type of dog was once a nanny dog, but is now a potentially dangerous dog. In fact, in countries like Spain, you don’t have a pitbull unless you have a dog license. You also have to carry a mouthpiece and you must have insurance.


Still, if pit bulls are your favorite dog type and you want to own it, take the dog to a professional and have him get the training he needs . Then you will have a sweet, loyal and compassionate friend for the rest of your life.









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