Precautions for Dogs Afraid of Fireworks


While fireworks may seem fun for children , for those dogs who are afraid of them, these shows mean an extremely bad time . So in this article, we will give you advice to help your dogs who are afraid of fireworks.


What kind of emotion is fear


The fear of fireworks can be overcome, but it requires a competent instructor who knows the time and how to help. A few days before the celebration intensifies, we can find workarounds to help us circumvent such celebrations. But in fact, we need to focus on solutions that try to minimize the safety of our pets and the effect of fireworks.


When an animal is scared, there are three things he can do: run, fight or surrender. In the case of dogs, their first choice is always to escape. But in some cases, even if fireworks are not a real enemy, the dog may choose to fight. When the fear of fireworks occurs, we almost always see a dog running inside the house.


korkak köpekler


Secure your home


We know that fireworks will increase and our dog may panic. First of all, we have to guarantee his safety and our home is the first place he will be safe.


We should close the windows and prevent them from going out onto the balcony or terrace. We hear stories of dogs that are afraid of fireworks every passing day, some of them throwing themselves helplessly out of the window, suffering serious injuries and even deaths.


In houses with gardens, we must check the fences. If there are gaps under or between fences, your dog may escape. Or if the fences are too low, it can jump over. In fact we should prevent him from going to the garden at such times .


Dangerous things that a dog can bite when it is afraid of fireworks should be out of reach. Dogs reduce their stress by chewing and biting . And if they need something like this, it should not be toxic or dangerous in any way.


Safe zones for dogs afraid of fireworks


To avoid such times, we can create safe zones for our dogs in the house. It can be a room or a room inside the room where nothing bad will happen to the dog. This region, where he can escape from his fears, must have the following characteristics:



  • It should be accessible 24/7. For example, if the dog is occasionally hiding in the bathtub, the bathroom door should always be open. Besides, when he throws himself in there, you shouldn’t force him out of the tub.

  • If your dog does not choose the area you specify, you can direct it to this area. Most fearful dogs have self-selected places at home. However, if he starts wandering around in the house when he is scared, you can create a safe zone and direct him there.

  • This area must be isolated from the outside. They should not have open windows and the shutters, if any, should be closed. It must also be a quiet place. The less noise from the outside, the better.

  • When you go to the safe zone, you should not force it out. If your dog throws himself out of fear, you must bring him water (his panting is a sign of fear ) or you must comfort him. But you should not ask him to leave.


Change your hiking route


Note what sounds are heard when walking your dog. And if necessary, change the walking course. You can even reduce the duration or frequency of walking . There is less sound at certain times of the day and you can take advantage of it.


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It is better to take short and quiet walks than long walks full of fear and stress. There is nothing wrong with walking on a shorter route or walking more rarely on a daily basis. Dogs afraid of fireworks do not like to be exposed to noise in the street.


Methods of installing the collar


When it comes to scared dogs, the way they attach and use their collars is very important when we take them out. Harnesses all the breast-covering leashes are much safer than normal leashes, , and also punishment collars are nothing more than raising your dog’s fear.


Everything worn out and worn by the dog must be in good condition. If the dog pulls the collar when it hears a sound, you should not risk the loosening of the strap or the buckle opening. The dog then runs around aimlessly and doesn’t know how to get home. Even if you live in a place with highways and crowded traffic, your life is in danger.


A new collar or harness is not expensive and is an important difference between safe and at-risk dogs. Even in normal times, you should replace your dog’s stuff with a new one if necessary, which is even more important in celebration times.


Exceptional events


There are also a few unusual incidents involving dogs with extreme fear. Some dogs may freeze in fear or have bad times, such as cessation or vomiting . Some people can’t pee or poop for days.


Such unusual events must be examined by a veterinarian. If your dog is extremely scared, it may be necessary to prescribe a sedative, but never a drug, to survive such times. This doesn’t help him forget his fear, but he can get through difficult times like celebrations.


After the worst times have passed, a dog trainer must assess your dog to face his fears. This is an education that can only be given by an expert professional. Such extreme fears threaten the safety and health of the animal, so it should not be neglected until such a loud period of celebration comes again.









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