Prevent Your Dog From Peeing On The Bed


When puppies are puppies, you must teach them everything. Likewise, as dogs get older, they need to strengthen some of the things they learn because of their forgetfulness. To prevent the dog from peeing on the bed, you can read this article with a few tips.


Why do dogs pee on the bed?


Several times, have you encountered the unpleasant surprise your dog left in bed for you? If so, it is very important to deal with the problem as soon as possible.


As a first step, you should learn why your dog behaves this way. Especially if he’s not a little puppy or he’s never done that before. One of the most common reasons he peees on your bed is because he wants to mark his zone. This can happen when a new pet arrives at home or has detected the presence of a female in anger.


Another reason may be that he is scared at night and when he succumbs to his emotions, he “misses” a little. It may also urinate on the bed due to incontinence or bladder problems . In such cases, you should take your dog to the vet.


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Furthermore, we cannot ignore the fact that perhaps he may not know that the animal is not allowed to pee on the bed. Therefore, it is important that you train it as soon as possible.


Steps to prevent your dog from urinating on the bed


It is very important that you teach your dog that it is not right to pee on the bed. To make him understand – instead of applying negative techniques – you should focus on rewarding for good behavior. Here are the steps to keep your dog from peeing in the wrong places:


1. Ask him to get out of the bed


Do not scold your dog while peeing on the bed. It is better to ask him to get out of bed as if he were going for a walk or playing games. If you want to train your dog and get good results, punishing him is not a wise choice, especially if he is peeing in bed because of old age or illness.


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2. Place the newspaper on the floor


One of the reasons why dogs pee on the bed is that they are puppies. It is therefore an excellent technique to place a newspaper next to your dog’s bed .


Some owners choose to wet the paper with the animal’s urine. That way, they realize it’s convenient to pee there. Leave the paper on the floor and replace it daily.


3. Take him for a walk


Often, dogs urinate because they cannot hold their urine for several nights or all night. It is very important to delay your dog’s last walk until late, so that they can completely empty their bladder just before bedtime.


If your dog pisses on the bed, be careful when you take him for a walk and increase the number of curves.


4. Do not treat him as a baby


Behavioral problems in dogs are often related to the behavior of their owners. For example, when it comes to small breeds such as Yorkshire or Fino , it is common for people to treat them as babies and confuse them.


If you feed him from your plate, let him sleep in your bed, or spend a lot of time in your arms, the dog does not know who the dominant leader is and wants to mark his territory.


Finally, to understand that what the dog is doing is a bad thing, we recommend that you do not behave like many owners who take your dog to the pee and put your nose down. The dog will not understand why you punished him and he will do it again.









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