Quality Food: What to look for?


When you have a pet, it is normal to worry about providing it with a good quality of life. There are many factors to consider when it comes to care. These include, of course, the kind of food you feed your pet. So, in this article today, you can learn what to look for when it comes to quality food.


Your pet is what it eats


In addition to the type of food you choose for your pet – homemade or ready food – it is important to provide a balanced diet. Nutrition should match age and specific characteristics: size, amount of exercise, diseases, etc.


In any case, there is a way to tell you that your dog or cat is getting enough food from its food. An animal that is properly fed will appear to be healthy and happy.


Therefore, a pet eating a high-quality food that meets all nutritional needs will have the following:


     A lively and cheerful look

  • Enough energy for walks and playing games

  • Soft and bright feathers

  • Small and not very smelly stool



In order to make your furry comrade happy and healthy, you will offer her a high-quality formula as well as the ingredients that make her happy. You should therefore learn to recognize good pet food.


kaliteli mama yiyen köpek


See the materials


Your pet is the best critic of his food. However, if you decide to opt for food from the store and want to change your brand, you can take a look at the suggestions below to buy dry or canned food.


The pet products industry is a big business and everyone knows that not every bearded grandfather is. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the ingredients listed on the label to find out which materials are identified as unhealthy by veterinarians and animal nutritionists.


Nevertheless, you may believe that what is said in the package is correct, as government-controlled organizations approve it. However, when it comes to the health of your pet, you should be very careful.


High quality food


So, what is the most appropriate ingredient for quality pet food? Let’s start with the basic things: Cats and dogs are essentially carnivores . Therefore, their nutrition should be based mainly on animal protein.


Therefore, according to their labels, you should select dry or wet food that gives priority to ingredients such as meat, chicken, pork or lamb. It is important to specify which type of meat is used and how it is processed: concentrated, dried, and so on.


mamasını yiyen kedi


Keep in mind that it is a good idea to avoid pet food that uses animal proteins in powder form. Likewise, you should definitely avoid those who use animal proteins as by-products. Carbohydrates are not necessary for the feeding of domestic animals. A quality pet food will not contain carbohydrates as the main ingredient.


There are also cereals in the form of both grains and flour. While these provide proteins, they are not the proteins that dogs and cats need. Generally, rice appears to be the most recommended substance.


What should be considered on the packaging?


In addition to proteins, quality pet food should contain animal fats and lipids in the form of vegetable or fish oils . Of course, they also need to have appropriate amounts of vitamins and minerals. Regardless, you can always consult a specialist for your pet’s specific requirements.


Fiber is important for proper functioning of the intestinal tract. The best sources of fiber are found in pulp made from beets, tomatoes and apples.


If you have cats, make sure that the food you purchase also contains taurine . This is an important amino acid that felines cannot synthesize on their own in the amounts they need. Food without taurine can cause blindness or heart problems.









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