Recommendations for taking your pet to the vet without problems


You should take your cat or dog to the vet for regular check-ups or when they become ill. However, according to your animal’s character, this task can become impossible. In today’s article, we will give tips on how to easily take your pet to the vet.


Why Should You Take Your Pet to the Vet?


The answer to this question may be obvious to many, but it is worth recalling to remind its importance. It is normal that you do not have enough money or time from time to time, but for any illness, it may have unexpected consequences for you not to take it to the vet.


The disease can be more serious than you think, and it can be difficult to treat because of the time you wait. Here are other important reasons to take your pet to the vet:


kedi ve köpek veteriner kontrolünde


1. Can Infect You With Your Disease


There are many kinds of diseases that people can catch from cats and dogs. For example, some parasites , viruses and bacteria are easily transmitted from animals to humans. Taking your animal to the vet is also important for your own health.


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2. Do not prolong the pain


Don’t think that your animal isn’t hurt because he can’t tell you . No animal deserves to suffer for any reason . Do not forget a creature whose health and care depends on you.


3. Improve the Quality of Life


They don’t like going to the vet, but for sure they won’t like parasites or disease more because they miss their regular check-ups.


4. You Can’t Treat


The only person who can diagnose any disease in your animal is a veterinarian. There should be only one veterinarian you should consult, even in the slightest doubt.


Although it does not sound credible, there are those who try to treat the animal on its own. Trying this can give you worse results than doing nothing to treat .


Recommendations for taking to the vet


Taking your animal to the vet can sometimes be extremely challenging. Especially cats who do not like to leave the house can do whatever they can to avoid stress. However, there are methods that you can learn and apply for all animals.


In almost all pet shops you can find a box to put your pet in. Try feeding your animal in by putting food or toys in the box . Do not try to force it. It may cause more stress or hurt.


You can always keep the box exposed in one corner of the house for your cat to get used to it. For example, can stand next to his toys . Thus, the cat’s own scent swells on it and the box ceases to be an alien object.


If you are driving to the vet, keep your windows closed to cut out any outside noise. If you fasten the box with a seat belt or some other way, you will avoid a possible accident.


Do not open the box immediately when you return home from the veterinarian. You can open the door after realizing that he is at home and waiting for his fear to pass.


Taking Your Dog to the Vet


Dogs are afraid of veterinarians. If yours is too scared you can take a look at the following suggestions:


veteriner kedinin kalbini dinliyor



  • If possible, try to take the car to a place other than the vet. So he doesn’t have the same fear every time he gets in the car.

  • Reward him when he behaves properly without causing difficulties .

  • Stay calm so that your stress and anxiety don’t pass on to your dog.

  • Try to go more often so that your dog does not match the vet with pain.

  • Try to make your dog feel safe and comfortable while on the way to the vet.

  • If he does pee on the floor at the vet, don’t punish him because he probably did it with fear.

  • Use mouthpieces only if they are aggressive and pose a danger to others.

  • Find yourself a good veterinarian and try not to change so that your dog doesn’t have to get used to a stranger each time.

  • If your dog has excessive fear or if it is not possible to get him out of the house, you can ask your vet to come home.









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