Refreshing Summer Recipes for Cats


Although cats need to be properly fed throughout the year, it is important to increase their fluid intake, especially in the summer. In hot weather, kittens need help to avoid dehydration. They need to be full but lighter. We would like to share refreshing summer recipes that you can prepare for your cat for this purpose. They will love the flavors you prepare!


Water: The best summer drink for your cat


Cats can lose many fluids and electrolytes as the temperature increases. Therefore, the animal will need to drink plenty of fluids and drink water and other healthy drinks to keep the body in balance.


If a kitten does not drink enough water in hot weather, its metabolism slows down and becomes dehydrated. As a result, your cat will be tired and sleepy. Even blood pressure may fall, dizziness and faint.


Dehydration and insufficient water intake can lead to a more serious problem, such as causing kidney function problems. This may increase the risk of renal failure .


kediniz için yaz tarifleri

 The importance of drinking plenty of water

Even in the summer, it is very common that cats do not want to drink water. Therefore, owners need to use “creative and attractive” methods to add more water to their cat’s nutrition to prevent dehydration.

 A good way to increase the water intake of a cat is to use the following delicious and refreshing homemade recipes.

Of course, giving your cat plenty of clean water is still a necessity. However, you can increase your curiosity and appetite with fruit juices and home-made liquid dishes. For this to happen, it is important that the food contains a high proportion of liquids and healthy substances.


Now, we want to share some ideas for summer recipes that you can prepare for your cat. But remember, these dishes are complementary or occasional surprises for your cat.


These summer recipes we will share should never replace your cat’s normal diet. You should always try to follow the type of diet your veterinarian recommends to give to your cat over the summer.


Stick Ice Cream: Activate your cat’s sense of taste!


Cats-specific ice creams are very invigorating and can be made with fruits and vegetables that are healthy for cats. You can also make salty ice-cream using animal proteins – such as chicken or fish – and vegetables such as carrots or zucchini .


kediler için buzlu dondurma


Since most adult cats are lactose-free, you should not use milk or dairy products to make these recipes. Instead, you can use natural yogurt made with rice milk or skimmed or low-lactose milk. Or you can make a water-based ice cream that does not contain any lactose.


This is a basic recipe that you can use to make a delicious fruity iced ice cream for your cat. Note that you can add any fruit or vegetable that is healthy for cats. It is always important not to overfeed these ice creams.


Refreshing “fruitful” iced ice cream for cats





  • Two strawberries

  • Half an apple, cut out of the seeds
  •  Seeded half peach

  • Two slices of cucumber

  • Half a glass of rice milk





  • First, crush the fruit, cucumber and rice milk until a homogeneous structure is achieved.

  • Then pour the mixture into an icebox and place in the freezer.

  • When ice cream is ready, you can give your cat one every day.


Delicious summer recipes for your cat: fruit and vegetable juices


An easier way to get your cat to drink plenty of fluids in the summer is to make them delicious natural juices. Again which fruits and vegetables you should know that your cat is healthy. This will help you make healthy recipes.


Some ideas for juices and smoothies that you can prepare for your cat:



  • Melon and cucumber juice
  •  Apple juice
     Vegetable milk, carrot and pear smoothies
     Water-based kefir, peaches and strawberries
     Refreshing watermelon juice


Keep in mind that fruit and vegetable juices should not replace your cat’s normal food and juice. These summer recipes are healthy supplements used to feed and moisturize your cat in hot weather. You should also give them to your cat in moderation as the sugar content is high.








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