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The Barf method aims to bring animals back to their primary feeding patterns. The acronym stands for biological raw food made in Germany for animals. Now there are raw foods prepared for our pets, which are their own restaurants.


Peter-Joachim Gitz-Mombauer has a lot of experience with this initiative; because his own dog was allergic to both dry and canned dog food. Therefore, he opened a butcher shop restaurant and started serving very special customers, dogs. In fact, they serve raw foods for dogs only.


Where did the idea of ​​opening such a restaurant come from?


köpekler için restoran



Visiting a refuge Peter met Lili, a dog he fell in love with at first sight. He could not resist it and claimed it; The dog quickly became a part of the family . But when Lili became ill for no apparent reason, everything was confused.


Finally, a veterinarian advised Peter to feed him Lili with raw food. Although he initially thought it was a ridiculous idea, Peter began to practice it and Lili was much better. Peter is increasingly interested in the Barf method. The vast amount of information he gained allowed him to establish his own butcher shop – restaurant.


Peter knows that the Barf method has saved his dog’s life and that he has found himself involved in such a project by giving up his nursing profession.


This idea began many years ago in the United States and began to be seen in Germany in the last decade.


Customer satisfaction


Anyone who has a dog always takes great care of their feeding. In Peter’s restaurant, every customer knows exactly what his dog eats. This is a huge factor that gives dog owners peace of mind and makes their customers loyal to their restaurant.


Is raw nutrition useful?


Many people object to their dogs being fed with raw food, but Lili’s situation shows that this is very beneficial. Feeding dogs with raw food not only helps combat allergy problems, but also provides weight control .


Raw food contains all the nutrients that animals need. All you need to know is how often you need to feed, with the net amount you need to give your pet.


Peter is convinced that eating raw food has many benefits, and although his restaurant is the only restaurant in Germany with these characteristics, the Barf method is becoming increasingly common among pet owners.


How does Peter prepare his meat?


In order to have a clearer idea of ​​what kind of meat is sold in this business, Peter tells us how he did it.


köpek restoranları



şey What I do is cook meat without salt, additives or spices, as there are many dogs that are allergic to some of these products. I cook meat in water and serve it with rice, pasta or vegetables. ”


Peter also specializes in the amount of food each dog needs on a daily basis. A dog weighing approximately 30 kilograms will need 500 grams of food twice a day. Of these 500 grams, 300 should be meat, 100 carbohydrates, and 100 should be vegetables .


For large dogs, Peter recommends adding a teaspoon of oil containing nutritious foods such as olives, sunflowers, canola and even fish.


Although there is resistance to this form of feeding, more and more people around the world are using it for dogs. Maybe soon we will see restaurants like Peter’s in our country. So, would you dare to try the Barf method for your dog?









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