Reward Foods for Dogs: Tips and Considerations


We all know that dogs work to achieve our love, and that they do most of the things they do just to make us smile and to approve their behavior. But sometimes we also want to go a little further and motivate them even more. Therefore, in such cases, we have to reward them with greater prizes. What methods can we use to reward dogs? Are there different options in this regard? Which reward foods are healthier for dogs?


Today we share with you the answer to all these questions:


When to award food for dogs should be given?


You can award dogs in many different situations or reward them in a different way. We normally use the option to award dogs to teach dogs how to perform commands such as giving paws or sitting. And after the dogs learn these commands, we usually stop giving them awards. But there are actually many different moments that you can use to reward your furry friend. So it’s not only when you teach your dog some commands that you need to give them reward food. Here are some other situations where you can use reward food. For example:


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  • Doing something you love unintentionally. For example, when you want to sit on your couch, you often tell your dog to come down from the couch because he is sitting in your seat. However, sometimes may come down from the seat as you approach the seat, even if you have not yet told him to do so. In such cases, you can reward him.

  • While eager to behave badly, he chose to behave well. Instead of trying to eat the food on the table while your dog is on the dining table, he almost never looks at them. In such a case, you can reward him.

  • The moment we taught the dog something new and even though he didn’t fully understand it yet. For example, you want to teach your dog to lie down. You can reward him when the dog starts squatting, before it lies down completely.

  • When he comes to the park, whether you have called your dog or not. Whatever he is doing at that moment, you should always reward your dog for leaving the moment he comes to you. Even if you haven’t called him, you can still give him a prize ; because that means your dog has come to check on you.

  • Just so! Because you have a wonderful dog who usually behaves very well and you want to thank him for being always so loving, loyal and patient with you. Then you can reward him.


When Should You Reward Your Dog


You should pay attention to the fact that you only have to reward your dog for the behavior you want him to do again. For example, if your dog barks at another dog or scavenging the litter, you will not reward him in any way. You should determine what behaviors you expect from your dog and focus on them.


The moment you give an award is more important than the one you give. Rewarding your dog at the right time allows the dog to understand that you are doing something you like without any possible confusion. Only then does he want to do it again. You should reward your dog immediately after doing something right. If you are late, even for a few seconds, it is more difficult for the dog to make a connection between action and reward.


What You Should Not Use as Reward Foods for Dogs


If you want to reward your dog, especially when you teach him something new, you must ensure that the reward you give is a healthy , appropriate and valuable reward for the dog.


So if you want to teach your beloved dog to sit down, lie down, or shake his paw, you’ll spend a few days applying these commands. As a matter of fact, you will have to give your dog food during this process . These foods should not be unhealthy; because you will need to give too much. From all of your options, you will need to choose a product that your dog can eat a lot without losing weight or getting sick.


Prize foods should be small; however, each dog should fit the size. So you can’t cut a sausage into equal pieces and use the same size sausage to reward both a Belgian Shepherd and a Maltese dog. Likewise, the teeth of a puppy are not as strong as that of an adult or old dog.


And the dog’s love for the prize is the most important factor. You cannot reward your dog with something he does not like at all; because if your dog doesn’t want what you give him, it won’t be a reward. The harder the command you are trying to teach, the better the reward. He will feel that the command will be worth following.


What should be used as a reward for dogs


Usually a piece of food is used as a reward ; however, the usual portion of the dog should not be reduced in doing so. Prize food is not a bribe, but an extra thing. The dog should not starve.


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Reward food varies according to what each dog likes; however, the following types of foods are generally used:


     Hot dogs made for people
     Dried pieces of cheese
     Cooked salami or sausage

  • Ready to be divided into small pieces dog biscuits
  •  Dry or wet dog food

  • Dog food of better quality or with a different taste than the dog normally eats


Other Awards


You can reward your dog with other things he likes besides food. For example, if your dog loves it, you can easily reward it by loving it (and actually we do it almost every day). Some dogs love toys and may see a toy as a reward for chewing.


The way to choose the best rewards for dogs is to know what each pet loves. You can try many different things and learn how your dog will react and which reward will love the most. In this way you can choose which prizes are more effective and which are the healthiest prizes.









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