Reward Foods You Should Not Offer to Your Dog


Nowadays, you can find many different prize foods in supermarkets and pet shops. There are many food flavors, aromas and textures available for dogs.


Many pet owners wonder whether it is good to give reward dogs to their dogs and which reward foods are suitable for their dogs or which ones they should give or not to their dogs.


In this article, you will see how reward foods can help you when it comes to training your dog . Likewise, you will learn which reward foods for dogs are healthy and which reward foods you should avoid.


Are reward foods healthy?


Dogs like to eat, and every time you give reward food to your dog, they interpret it as a sign of love. But reward foods are, in fact, much more than a delicious snack .


The use of reward formulas in dog training with positive reinforcement


You can also use reward formulas to train your dog. The method we call positive reinforcement is a method that involves rewarding your dog for mobilization and training.


In other words, by rewarding your dog’s good behavior and taking into consideration his efforts, you do not only encourage them to repeat these actions; you also promote their cognitive, emotional, and social abilities .


Traditional methodology, based on punishment or rebuke, exposes the dog to humiliation and intense fear. These negative emotions put the animal in too much stress.


Thus the animal aggression , damaging behavior can be seen, the animal may have various phobias and may suffer from numerous problems related to such behavior.


köpeğe ödül maması vermek


The pet owner’s belief that the taraf is the dominant party taraf and that the dog must prove that he is obeying the owner is a completely wrong way of thinking. Domination is part of a system of social hierarchy that occurs only among animals of the same species .


We mean, a man can never rule a dog and a dog will never surrender himself to a human. A dog obeys the owner because of their special ties based on their trust and mutual respect.


That is, a dog does not obey its owner because he feels frightened, obedient, or under the yoke of the owner . Therefore, do not forget to use the positive reinforcement method to train your dog friend.


Beautiful award foods


First of all, your dog can eat any kind of food specially made for dogs. However, it is important to review the contents of each product in order to choose the most appropriate reward formula for your best friend.


For example, when it comes to obese dogs, traditional flavors are not the best choice because of their high calorie values. There are now healthier reward food alternatives for overweight or obese dogs.


On the one hand, puppies can benefit from reward foods that are rich in calcium and protein to promote growth processes. On the other hand, older dogs often enjoy reward foods that have a soft texture that is easier to chew and digest.


In addition, you can find a variety of reward foods to help you clean your dog’s teeth and gums . Therefore, these special dental reward formulas can help prevent halitosis and tartar formation, especially in adult dogs.


When it comes to giving reward food to your best friend, being balanced plays a key role. In addition, fruits and vegetables can also be used as reward food or you can prepare homemade reward food for your dogs. These options become more natural and fresh, and our dogs will love them!


Unhealthy reward foods


Here is a small list of unhealthy reward foods that should be removed from your dog’s diet:



  • Snacks and foods for humans: There are foods that can be enjoyed by both humans and dogs, such as some meat, fruit and vegetables. But the way we cook them is not always suitable for our dogs.

  • Seasonal, salty, sweet and fried foods are very harmful to dogs.

  • Award foods containing food coloring and chemical additives: Some reward food products contain chemical additives such as preservatives and food coloring. The best thing you can do is to choose a natural reward formula.
  •  [194590019] Prohibited food for dogs: Never allow your dog to eat chocolate, avocado, citrus, cookies and packaged foods (chips or stuffed cookies) and so on. You should not feed with.

  • Dairy products: Most adult dogs are not tolerant to lactose. Consuming milk and dairy products can cause a hypersensitive response in the immune systems of these animals.


Finally, reward foods should not be the basis of your dog’s diet. Dogs need a complete and balanced diet to develop their physical and cognitive abilities . The best thing to do is allow your veterinarian to help you eat right for your dog.









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