Solutions for Biting Cats


of cats; owners, other cats and has a habit of biting animals. This can be fun from time to time, but it’s dangerous for your cat to make a habit of biting . In today’s article we have compiled some suggestions for bitten cats.


What can be done for biting cats?


If your cat has been biting you since its offspring , there are some methods that will slowly discourage you from this habit. Although adult cats are a little more difficult to train , this behavior can still be corrected.


Remember that your cat did not bite you to hurt you. They just bite because they want to play games with you, because cats play like this. Keep in mind that your cat’s intent is not bad, you may be more patient during your training.


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Set the rule


Whether your cat bites you or not, you have to learn that everything has a time and that you can’t play any time because you can be busy. Don’t let them try to get your attention aggressively.


However, if your cat is bored, he will want to spend time with you and play games. You can buy a variety of toys and a scratching board to give your cat other options and let him dispose of his energy . You can also use the toys as a barrier between your hand and the cat’s teeth while playing together. That way he’il get used to biting toys.


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Correct the error


Not because the cat wants to hurt you; Even if you know that he bites you to play games and draw your attention, his good intentions should not mean that you let him go. When he bites your hand, say “No” to show that his behavior is wrong.


You don’t see any benefit from shouting, hitting, or punishing [194590019] . It will even open up your relationship and damage your relationship.


The best method you can use is positive reinforcement . But don’t use reward food this time. If you give your cat food when he stops biting you, he will misunderstand what he is rewarded for . You may knowingly bite your hand and then let go of food.


Respect your fields


If you do something you don’t like, your cat can bite you. Maybe you want to keep your cat with you all the time and your cat is bored with this interest. Remember that cats are independent spirited animals. Certainly they love you, but they will show it at any time.


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If you constantly hug your cat or want to keep it on your lap, it is inevitable that the cat will eventually rebel . It will also bite you to express that you don’t like the situation.


So, how will you avoid it? Get to know your cat well; Find out what you like and dislike. When he wants attention, wait for him to come to you and watch his reactions when you love him.

 Take it to the vet

Even if you try the above suggestions, it is better to see a vet if your cat still bites you. Maybe he’s not feeling well because of an illness and as a result he may be biting you with his crankiness. It may also be an urge to bite for trauma, stress, anxiety or other emotional causes.


In order to determine the cause of all kinds of behavior, you must observe your cat well. If you take care of your cat sufficiently without stressing it, everything will be fine.


You already know that owning animals is not just about feeding your food. The physical and mental health of your friend at home is also your responsibility.









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