Some Tips to Train a Rebel Cat


Cats, are usually pets that require little attention and care. However, you need to include training in a few things that cats need. Therefore, anyone who has already fallen in love with a rebellious cat with bad behavior has a difficult task ahead. So, what can you do to train a rebellious cat?


Pets are animals that bring joy to the house. They become perfect friends for all of us, and they are an eternal source of love for us. Yes, all this is true; however, you need to train your pets to be part of your family’s daily lifestyle. This way you can provide a more pleasant living environment.


You Must Be Patient To Train A Rebel Cat


Patience plays a crucial role in educating a rebellious cat. Since cats are also domesticated animals, it is of course not easy to train. It can be difficult for you to change a cat’s behavior.


Perhaps a pet owner should try a variety of techniques to train his cat; but he should never be afraid to fail. Because with love and patience, you will be able to make your cat your best pet .


Educating a Rebel Cat: Cat Litter Bowl


One of the main problems with cats is to accustom them to using cat litter containers . Here are a few suggestions you can use to achieve this: kedi eğitimi


Put the cat’s sand bowl in a suitable place



  • The location where you put the cat litter will help you to start using this container immediately.

  • It would be better if the cat litter container is in a quiet place with no sudden loud noise or too much movement around it.

  • The location of the sand should be easily accessible to the cat. If the cat is older or disabled, the pet owner must ensure that the cat can reach the sandbox.

  • The cat’s sand should be far from the area where the cat eats. As you might have guessed, it may not be nice to be close to the cat’s sandbox and its food.


Take the cat to the toilet yourself at certain times



  • Taking the cat to the sandbox at certain times during the day helps the animal develop the habit of using the toilet .

  • When your cat wakes up in the morning you can take him to the sandbox yourself. Because he will probably have to go to the toilet when the animal wakes up in the morning.

  • Another convenient time may be after eating cat food.





  • Cleaning is an important issue; because if the sandbox is not clean, the cat will not want to use it.

  • Clean waste daily.

  • Clean the container thoroughly once a week. To do this, you must clean all cat litter from the bowl, rinse the container with a mildly scented detergent, and remove waste by cleaning.

  • Then dry the sandbox thoroughly and then put the sand back.


Choosing a kind of sand that the cat will love


There are many kinds of cat litter on the market. Here you will have to choose a sand that will be comfortable for the cat. Change your cat’s sand slowly.


Finally you have to mix all the sand to completely eliminate the previous sand. Changing them all at once can cause the cat to reject the new sand.


Educating a Rebel Cat: The Biting Habit


Cats bite when they are scared or feel threatened. In addition, cats can also bite to express themselves and scratch you.


If a cat doesn’t like it when someone loves it, there is no other way for him to express it. See some tips on how to train a rebellious cat to correct this biting behavior :

 Playing games

You can train pets while playing games . When a cat starts to bite, stop what you are doing at that moment. So stop playing. Since cats like to play, when you stop playing, the cat will be disappointed and will probably stop biting.


Every time your cat bites or scratches you do not ignore this behavior completely . This will be a good way to train your cat.


Turn one of his toys into his] prey [


Cats are instinctively hunted. This means that hunting is natural for them. You must give your cat some toys to catch. Thus, the cat can manage to develop this natural behavior. After getting used to seeing his toys as a prey, he will stop biting or scratching people.

 Scratching the furniture

Keeping furniture in your home in good condition can be a difficult action for cat owners to accomplish. Feline instinctively tends to scratch something to mark their region . You can try several techniques to train a rebellious cat and prevent it from behaving. koltuğu tırmalayan kedi

 Scratching boards

Scratching boards for tense cats allow the cats to scratch as much as they want. Scratching boards can be made of cardboard, rope or wood.


If you want to give a cat something that he can scratch, a scratching board will be the perfect choice. This choice is a great way to get the animal to stop drawing furniture .

 Wash the furniture


Cats do not like certain smells, such as citrus. You can spray a little lemon juice on the furniture to train a rebellious cat and let the cat leave your furniture alone. Another formula is to mix water, hydrogen peroxide, lavender and soap. Finally, rinse this mixture with alcohol.








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