Tea Tree Oil Against Parasites


With this natural treatment, your animal will quickly recover.


Natural products, which are becoming more and more popular nowadays, are used both in the treatment of many diseases and in a wide range from body hygiene to house cleaning. Tea tree oil, especially used for the treatment of parasites in dogs, is one of the prominent natural treatment methods of recent times. In this article we will explain how to use it.


What is tea tree oil?


tek bacağını uzatan köpek


Tea tree oil is a colorless oil obtained from the distillation of tea leaves . So, how? Tea tree oil is made by water vapor distillation which has been known and used for years. The oil extracted from the leaves by this method is in its purest form. Approximately 10 liters of oil can be produced per ton.


This oil is extracted from a particular tea tree in Australia. Although there are more than 300 tea tree varieties in Australia, only Melaleuca alternifolia is beneficial for both us and our animals.


Tea tree oil; parasites, viruses and bacteria are very useful in the fight.

 Tea tree oil for your dog

Virus, bacteria, fungicidal and antimicrobial tea tree oil, which also removes germs, is also balm and can be used as deodorant. With all these qualities, tea tree oil is perfect against parasites and bacteria.


Since it is a completely natural product, it has no side effects such as allergies or irritation to the skin. If your dog starts to itch more than normal after use, consult your veterinarian immediately. But we can guarantee that the likelihood of such a thing is extremely low.


As with all products, whether natural or not, tea tree oil should also be avoided from eye contact.

 Tea tree oil lotion for your pet

Mix an equal amount of oil and alcohol with distilled water at 96 ° C to make an effective lotion to free your dog from all ailments such as bacteria and parasites.


We recommend putting the lotion in a spray and then spraying it directly onto your animal. Keep it out of your eyes.


Tea tree oil is also very effective in removing fleas and all other parasites. The parasites will move away as soon as they feel the presence of the oil. Therefore, we recommend that you use the lotion when you take your pet out, or your house may be filled with fleas.


If you feed animals at home, tea tree oil is a must-have item. Animals are always very likely to have any parasites for one reason or another.


If you find it hard to find where you live in this oil there is another natural product that you can use to fight fleas and other parasites; horseradish .


kaşınan köpek


Boil a few watermelon leaves in water, wait for it to cool and spray it on your animal. You will see that it is rapidly free from parasites.


In addition, blending pelargonium oil with three teaspoons of almond oil is another natural treatment against ticks. You can end your boredom by squeezing it on your pet.


You can find hundreds of homemade and natural methods for parasites and diseases. We believe that natural products do no harm to animals and are highly effective. Keep in mind that “My Animals” places great importance on the health of your pet.


Before using any product on your animal, whether natural or chemical , it is best to consult your veterinarian and follow his instructions.


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