Teach Your Dog Go Game Without Stress


What’s so special about a ball, a branch or a frisbee? Why do dogs eagerly run after you throw them away? Some dogs may even become ıntılı obsessed konusunda with catching toys. We recommend that you take a look at this article to teach your dog the game Go and Go without stress and anxiety.


Bring the dogs and go game, a long friendship


When you take your dog for a walk to the park, you carry more than a leash with you. You can also bring your favorite toy: a ball, for example. A dog can play without getting tired of fetching. In the meantime, you can sit on a bench and throw away what you have as far as possible.


Is it natural that dogs play fetch or did people invent this game?


To understand this behavior, you may think that the dog “has returned to its roots” and exposed its wild side. The wolves of dogs, their wild relatives, travel long distances in search of food. Once they detect a food , they do not stop until they have it and take it back to their families for each member to eat.


So, when your dog brings a ball back to your feet, it’s because he wants to share the prize with you. It doesn’t matter if you throw that thing away.


git getir oyunu için oyuncaklar


Dogs still have some behavior from their “wild period.. No dog can endure the charm of chasing a ball, branch, frisbee, or anything you throw, although some are more alive than others.

 When the Go and Fetch game becomes an obsession

While this is fun for some dogs playing Jump Fetch, it can become an obsession for others. These dogs bark until you throw something, they’re worried and can’t stand. This desperation may be related to the personality of a dog and the lack of control of the breeder.


It also relates to how much this dog exercises every day . If no one sleeps for 10 hours because they are not at home and you take him straight to the park when you come back, it is not surprising that the dog has the energy to chase for hours after a ball.


Tips for teaching your dog to go and play without stress


The breed is a big factor in teaching your dog to go and fetch. Some of them have no difficulty in this game because of their natural hunting instincts (Golden Retriever, Pointer, Cocker Spaniel, Labrador). Other breeds may find the game boring (German Shepherd, Rottweiler, etc.).


Labrador cins köpek


You need to take time and be patient to teach the game git Go to your dog getir “correctly”. You must also remain calm and pass on this to your dog.


1. You make the rules


First, you are responsible for when the game starts and ends. Throw the ball only after your dog relaxes or runs repeatedly in circles . If your dog tries to throw the ball by barking or whining or jumping, wait for it to calm down.


2. Play only when your dog is calm


This is a very important factor because it is easy to confuse anxiety with joy. You should teach your dog to follow your orders. If you tell him to sit before he throws the ball, he has to!


Keep in mind the principle “Nothing happens without labor”. If your dog wants to play, he has to do something in return (not barking, sitting, etc.). Make eye contact with your dog and do not start the game if it does not behave as you wish.


3. Your dog should bring the ball back to you


This can be the most difficult part, especially when it comes to dogs hiding things. To continue playing with your dog , you must teach him to bring the ball back. Some dog owners give their dogs a reward when they bring the ball back. It doesn’t have to be food, it can only be a caressing or sweet saying.








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