Teaching a Dog to Cross the Street


Most dogs love going out. We may be helping these exercises, but when it comes to teaching a dog to cross the street, things get a little messy. They run around without thinking about what might happen to them and try to throw paws into cars.


One thing is certain that dogs move without thinking. So they can’t see the dangers of jumping across the street. So it’s not just our job to keep an eye on them, but to teach them how to cross the street safely.
A dog has two vital commands to learn:: wait ”or“ stop ”and“ come on ”or“ get up ”. These are the simplest commands that tell the dog what to do.


Teach your dog the command to ”wait [


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First, designate a place like a board or even a plastic table. The animal must be on it, and when it wants to move, say “no ve and hold it with your hands and say“ wait ”.


When he hears this command over and over again, the dog will identify the word “wait iyle with the idea that he cannot move and go wherever he wants . After a while, pick him up and let him go wherever he wants. Keep calling the dog Kö wait “from time to time.


You should not expect your dog to learn this command flawlessly the first time. You can imagine that teaching a dog any command requires patience and time. But after hearing your commands several times and identifying them with appropriate behavior, your dog will surely learn. Have no doubt!


Teach your dog the command to ”go [


Once your dog has learned the “wait” command, it is time to teach the “come” and “go” commands . So how do you do that? After making him wait by giving the command, say “come ize to your dog with hand gestures.


The dog may think you’re crazy looking at you. He may not understand what is expected of him. So call the dog by name and say “come.. Then walk up to him and tell him to come. In the meantime, remember to make hand gestures that can identify your orders. After a while it will obey you more easily.


Time to teach your dog to cross the street


Once your dog has learned the two simplest commands, you can now teach him to cross the street.


The most important thing you should use at this stage is to keep the dog with you constantly. Not behind or in front of you, but right next to you.


Do not stop and wait until you reach the end of the pedestrian path. It is best to wait around 20 meters while the lights are still red. At this stage repeat the “wait” command. When the light turns green, say “come ve and always walk the dog with you.


In such a way, your dog will get used to the commands you give and associate them with crossing the street. Now that you can do that, you can teach your dog “stop“. You can also repeat this command after crossing. So the animal will know when to stop, wait or walk. In fact, your dog is likely to learn it without a leash, but if you want to practice a little, you should prefer roads that are not overcrowded .


Use positive incentives when crossing the street


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The best way to teach your dog to cross the street is to use positive incentives. Every time your dog learns a new command or obeys an order, give it your favorite prize food. That way, he’il know that you love him and that you’re proud of him.


When your dog does not obey you or is not interested in your commands, do not be angry with him. If you associate obedience with a reward, it will be much easier to obey you. Conversely, if your dog sees that you’re angry, he’ll be surprised where he’s going. And he probably won’t obey you because he’s afraid.


Remember – you can reach everything you want love , perseverance and patience.









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