Teaching Your Dog to Get a Ball


Catching the ball and bringing it back is one of the dogs’ favorite games. Although it looks like a simple game , you need to have the ability and patience to teach this dog to your dog. In this article, we will give you some tips which you will certainly be successful if you apply to teach your dog how to bring the ball.


Is it easy to teach your dog how to bring a ball?


This is a very difficult question, because the answer depends on many factors. First, it is easier to train a puppy because they learn quickly. In addition, the way you teach will greatly affect this process. And finally, your patience and perseverance when playing with your dog is an important factor.


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There are many games in which both your dog and you can be happy while playing, but the fetch game is the simplest. You will have fun playing this game and your bond with your dog will be strengthened. A perfect type of exercise, the fetch game not only makes your dog entertained, but also lets your dog out of its energy.


Step by step teaching your dog how to bring a ball


Here’s some information to teach your dog how to bring a ball. Using this information, you can have your dog catch it and bring it back to you when you throw the ball and wait for you to throw the ball again. When your dog is successful, remember to reward him by doing something he likes, by liking or by encouraging words.


1. Select a toy


The most preferred toy is a ball large enough to fit in your dog’s mouth. The ball must be durable and lightweight to prevent damage. Some dogs may prefer plush toys, sticks, or frisbees to play with. It doesn’t matter what the toy is, the steps you need to take to teach your dog this game are the same. If your dog has a favorite toy, you should use it! It will be much easier to teach him to bring the toy.


2. Select an award


Have your dog reward food or meat with you to give it to your dog when it is successful. If you don’t want your dog to get used to such rewards, find another way to reward him. You may love him or use encouraging phrases such as “Well done to my son / daughter”, “You are super.. Note, however, that you will need to continue to apply the rewarding method of your choice . So think carefully before choosing a prize.


3. Select a quiet place


If there are other dogs or things that may distract your dog, it is impossible to teach your dog how to bring a ball. So if you take your dog to a park full of other animals or children, your dog gets distracted and tense. As a result, you can never concentrate on what you want to teach. Therefore, if you have a garden or a loft in your house, we recommend that you start this training there, as you can attract your dog’s attention more easily.


4. Give verbal commands


Before starting the cannon training, your dog must remain in a fixed position. Only then can he catch the ball. Therefore, you should first teach your dog a few simple commands, such as “sit” and “stop..


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Show your dog the ball so that he knows what to do before throwing the ball. If your dog doesn’t go catching after throwing the ball and doesn’t understand what to do, point the ball with your hand and command “catch“.


5. Have your dog bring the ball back


After your dog catches the ball in his mouth, you must tell him to come back. Again, you need to use some easy commands. Getir Bring me ”,“ here ”, and“ come ”and so on. commands. As soon as you arrive, you must carefully pick the ball out of your mouth and reward it. If he doesn’t want to give you the ball, you should use some commands like “drop”, ver give me ”.


Once your dog is successful, repeat the process several times. And enjoy your time with your pet. As time goes by your dog will understand these commands better and will want to come and play this game. Since he wants to play, he will bring the ball to you and put it with your nose at your toe.


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