The most appropriate punishment for dogs


When we hear the word punishment, we often think of negative things, but that doesn’t always have to be the case. Positive support, such as motivating, encouraging, has been shown to work in dogs, just as we do in humans. But this shouldn’t be a mistake in the form of condescension.


In this way, we can define discipline as disguised punishment because at the end of the day the goal is the same: to improve the dog’s behavior in a good way. So when your dog does something wrong, which is the best punishment?


The penalties to be avoided


There are some negative penalties that should be avoided for whatever reason, these penalties do not help the dog behave the way we want, but can also negatively affect your dog’s physical and mental health .


köpekleri cezalandırmak



  • Physical punishments. Let’s say it again: Punishing your dog physically is some form of abuse and is useless except to upset and injure the animal.

  • Oral punishment. Shouting at your dog does not obey you. Keep in mind that he does not speak the same language as you and will not behave differently when you say something out loud.

  • Locking the dog somewhere when it does something bad will not change the situation. The animal will not understand why you are doing this and will start to cry because of anxiety and sadness. Leaving him alone in the garden has the same effect; he feels trapped.


Negative punishments do not yield positive results, after a while the dog gets used to it and begins to think it is normal and learns nothing. Punishing in this way will also damage your bond, as it will associate your presence with negative things.


On the other hand, there are some penalties that give your dog lessons that he will never forget.


Encouraging positive as a perfect punishment


A mother found a method called a green pen. No matter how much she marks her mistakes with her red pencil, the mother, who has not seen any progress in her daughter’s work, has begun to use a green pencil to mark the right places of the study, not mistakes. As the green signs increase, the girl has improved and this method has worked!


This is called positive incentive . So instead of punishing wrongdoing, rewarding the right behavior.


If you want your dog to learn voice commands such as “come, [ you logically call him 10 times this way; but initially it only comes right at you 1 time. If you get angry at your dog the next nine times he doesn’t show up, he won’t see a reason to obey it.


But if you reward the righteous behavior, even if it seldom acts righteous, it encourages your dog to be obedient and everything becomes easier.


Sahibinin avucundan yemek yiyen köpek

However, there will be times when you need to scold your dog, so how do you do that? With a hard but not too loud tone. You have to look him in the eye while doing this and hold him softly by his neck, so that he does not run away while you speak. Don’t overdo it, talk short and clear.


Start early and be positive


It is very important that you start training your dog in the first months of his life so that he can behave perfectly for the rest of his life. Consistently, with positive incentives, perseverance and love to train your dog is both the right and prevents you from punishing it in the future.


There are many unsubstantiated suggestions that there are some ways to make sure your dog doesn’t damage things, pee in the house , or learn to do similar things, but remember one thing: K Any behavior that frightens your kiss doesn’t make it behave more correctly or make you love you more, and even on the contrary.









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