Things to do before and after feeding the dog


When it comes to feeding our pets, we have many questions. What time of day is best for nutrition? How much food should I put in their bowls? Can they eat vegetables? as. In addition, as pet owners, we do not know exactly what to do before and after feeding our dog. Today we will give you some tips on this.


What to do before feeding your dog


Animals are a faithful reflection of their owners. The way we treat and train our pets determines how they will be throughout their lives . Here are some good habits you need to get before you feed your dog:

 Put a container of water

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Dogs are thirsty throughout the day and will need a full water container. But be careful, we don’t want them to drink too much water because it’s not good for their health. If you’re not going to be home all day, you should give him a bigger bowl of water.


Soften your dog’s food


This tip is for puppy owners. Add warm water to soften dry food (albeit dry food for puppies).


Watch out for the portions


The information sheet on the package will tell you how much to feed daily, depending on the age and size of your dog. At the same time, v e Note that your teriner said about it.


Keep your pet’s food properly


Do not store dog food in a refrigerator or in a damp place. Don’t leave it where your pet can reach it, because there’s no doubt that it will pack up and continue to eat as much as it can. If you give him homemade food, make sure it is in good condition, well cooled, and no more food.


Thoroughly clean the food container


Although this can be done before or after feeding your dog , we advise you to wash the bowl before putting food into it .

 Separate your dogs

If you have more than one dog in your house, make sure they don’t see each other when it’s time to eat. Put them in different rooms or in different parts of the garden. This will prevent them from eating and arguing for food very quickly, because they are worried that the other will take their food.


What should you do after feeding your dog?


Now that you have learned what to do before feeding your dog, some good habits to follow after feeding are:


Don’t go for a walk right now


As soon as you finish eating, it is not a good idea to take her for a walk or exercise. For this, he must complete the digestive process. It is recommended that you do not do this before eating, because moving will make it more hungry. So it’s probably too much and too fast.


Do not store any excess food


If your dog cannot finish all the food in the bowl (because he may be saturated or disliked), discard the rest immediately and do not save for another meal.

 Protect it from the weather

If it is extremely hot or cold , if it is rainy or very sunny, give your dog some time to digest what he eats. Keep him in the house and sleep as much as he needs .


Don’t play games with him right away


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Imagine you are in his place. Do you want to go out and run and ride a bike as soon as you finish your meal? Of course you don’t. The same applies to dogs. Do not disturb him and do not insist on playing the hold fetch game . Don’t force him to play the game.


Don’t let him drink too much water


After reaching the stomach, dry dog ​​food should be cut into pieces without being “inflated”. If your dog drinks too much water after eating , disassembly does not take place. Give him some water to drink after dinner and after a few minutes, raise the water container. Wait for two hours to give water again.


These tips on feeding your dog are extremely easy to follow. Protect your dog’s health!









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