Tips for Controlling Your Dog While Walking


Dogs are social animals. They live in flocks in the wild. If he behaves badly when you go for a walk with your dog, may have the qualities of a leader . But there are things you can do to control their behavior and make the walk more enjoyable. Read the rest of this article to do your best to check your dog while walking.


Your furry friend , is not the leader of the march , they must understand that you are . If they understand this, you will be the one who makes the decisions during the march and you will also gain their respect and loyalty.


The struggle for leadership


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Maybe your dog pulls on a leash, treats other dogs or people badly or barks, or growls. All of this may be because [194590015] struggles with you to take over the leadership.


Without the leadership role of the herd , your dog will try to take on the role itself. Result? Bad behaviour. However, after assuming the role of leader of the herd, you will find your dog less anxious. This rule applies to all types of dogs, regardless of size, breed or age.

 Think like a dog

Empathize with your dog and try to put yourself in his place. Watch where you take them , so you both enjoy the walk.


Show compassion


You don’t need to touch your dog to show love. A simple overview can also be used to discipline or praise them; you can say a lot with your eyes.


Set the limits


Set limits so that they can and cannot. Your dog needs to know the limits and obey.

 Play games and have fun

Keep in mind that playtime is important for your dog’s mental health and how it relates to each other. Your dog needs permission before playing. Once again, you make the rules.


Keep calm while walking with your dog


While walking with your dog, remember to be patient, although sometimes they break the rules. To establish authority, do not attempt violence or intimidation. Be patient and be wise about it.

 Teach them the basic commands

You need to train your dog. Basic commands such as “sit”, “stop”, “come” and “silent tır will help you communicate better with your dog.


Walk in front of your dog


If you walk in front of your dog, he will see you as the leader of the herd.


Keep the leash rope short


Especially if you have a large dog , keeping the collar short will give you more control. In some environments, you don’t need to put leashes on them, but they should be away from other people.


Tips for controlling your dog while walking


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Take time to walk with your dog; Do not keep this time too short. Your dog needs time to walk and exercise. It is perfect to walk between half an hour and an hour every day.


How many times a day should you walk your dog? About three times a day should be enough. Try the morning, afternoon and evening stroll. If possible, do not go out in the coldest of winter or the hottest of summer.


If you are on a walk and if your dog is on the move, you can give him free time to explore his surroundings. Meeting their needs and smelling them is a real reward for them.


But remember, you are the one who decides when this sniffing time will end. You are responsible. After your dog needs , you should make sure you put it in the bags you brought with you and throw it in the trash.


When you go home, your dog will eat food, water, and so on. but you must train him to wait. Put the collar back in place, remove your jacket and shoes. First satisfy your own needs. This is a great opportunity to teach patience.









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