Tips for Drinking Your Cat


As you know as a cat owner, it is difficult to make your cat drink medicine. The characters of the cats predominate ; they harbor a hostility towards the vet and everything related to it.


And of course cats have pointed claws and teeth. Therefore, it is a little difficult to get your cat medicated without hurting yourself. You obviously can’t trick her with words. Instead we will share tips to make the process easier.


4 tips for medicating your cat


1. Train your cat


Some veterinarians recommend training to cats and getting used to medication at a young age . In this way, you will not have problems when administering medication.


The real goal is to let your cat understand how to touch your cat when you give it to him. First, accustom to gently touching his face and mouth. Repeat this periodically at short intervals. You can then reward your cat , so that your cat will match this behavior to a positive situation.


After getting used to this contact, slightly spread your mouth using your thumb and middle finger. While doing this, put a small amount of food in your mouth to chew. Be sure to reward for positive results after this procedure.


kediye ilaç veren veteriner


2. Crush the drug into your food to make your cat drink medicine


This method consists of crushing the drug into your cat’s favorite food. If you “hide İlaç the smell of the drug with the smell of the food, your cat will not taste the medicine. But those with cats know that this is very difficult.


This method is generally ineffective. Even if a cat eats food, you don’t know if your cat is taking the required dose of the drug. In addition, your cat can stop eating and compare the taste of the food with the taste of the medicine.


In addition, some medicines should not be discontinued. Extended release tablets lose their effect when shredded. There are also medicines that should not be confused with food and should be taken on an empty stomach.


3. Give the medicine with a piece of formula


This may be the most effective way to administer medication to your cat. Pick up a little piece of food your cat loves. Store the tablet inside the food so that it can swallow the whole tablet in one bite.


Before doing this, get some reward food. In this way you can give your cat a delicious food before giving the medicine, and in the next step you can hide and feed the food in the food.


However, your cat can understand that this food is not the same as the previous one. Do not force it because it will resist you in this case.


ödül mama yiyen kedi


4. Put the whole drug in his mouth


Finally, it may seem a bit harsh, but you can place the drug in your mouth and force it to swallow. It may be the only way to get him to take the medicine he needs. To do this, you must ensure that your cat does not move.


First take a towel or sheet and gently wrap your cat. In this way, you will prevent your cat from moving around by wrapping his feet. But be careful to keep his head out.


Then place your cat on the knees of the person giving the medicine. Grasp the upper jaw of your cat and tilt its head backwards. When the mouth opens automatically place the medicine at the end of the tongue. Massage the throat from the bottom up. Your cat will swallow the medicine.


Which option do you think would be best for your cat? Try them all and choose the best one!









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