Tips for Getting Your Dog Alone


One of the biggest fears of adopting a pet is how to leave them alone when going to work or shopping. Many people decide not to adopt the animal because it does not want the animal to cry or break everything in the house. That’s why , in the following article, we’ll cover some tips on how your dog can get used to staying at home alone .


Best tips to get your dog used to being alone


Some animals are left alone at home for long hours and suffer from what is known as separation anxiety. When there is no one to accompany them, they can cry, howl, toilets everywhere, or destroy everything they can reach.


Remember that: K kisses are social animals and must be in contact with other beings. This does not mean that you should always stay at home with the dog in order to prevent him from getting upset. Instead, consider some precautions and change some habits:


1. Begin practicing loneliness when you are a puppy


As soon as the dog enters your house, you must teach him to stay alone. At first, it will be at short intervals. Later, even at longer intervals – will be in the form of periods of several hours. Gradually, he will see it as a normal thing.


Many people adopt an animal while on vacation. She spends time resting during the holidays, and slowly introduces her pet to the fact that the owner is not always there.


2. Make sure you are exercising


Lack of physical activity can affect the mood of your pet. So if you take your dog for a walk before you go to work , he spends his time at least resting while you’re not at home. Wake up in the morning half an hour ago. Then, go for a walk in the park or on the street with your dog.


köpeğim evde yalnız kalmıyor


The important thing is that he will spend some of his recharging energy in this way during the night, and will be calm because he will rest for at least a few hours after morning exercise.


3. Take your time


Another way to help a dog stay alone is to pay attention to your own habits: If you wake up 10 minutes before the time you have to leave the house, you will probably be in a hurry while wearing your clothes and packing. On the other hand, if you wake up in time, you will have more time to prepare and so you will move calmly , so your pet will associate your leaving home with something pleasant .


We also recommend that you no longer interact with your animal 15 minutes before you leave home, so that it calms down and begins to expect that you will be left alone at home. If you play with him, talk to him or talk to him, it will be more difficult for him to accept your departure.


At the same time, do not say goodbye to exaggerated as if it would be his last sight. Animals perceive it as something negative and suffer emotionally. Don’t feel bad about not saying goodbye before closing the door.


4. Let him eat and leave the toys


When you leave the house, we advise you to leave some food for your dog so that she will have fun and rest to digest her food. It is also a good idea to drop off your favorite toys or favorite items that he can entertain or chew for several hours.


5. Leave the house tidy and play music


Do not leave any objects where your dog can reach , so your dog will not break or damage anything in your absence. Do not leave your clothes on the floor and also do not leave the balcony and room doors open. If you leave it in your garden, block access to the pool, if any, and restrict access to other places you consider dangerous.
köpeğim evde yalnız kalmıyor
You can leave the radio or television on to prevent the animal from feeling lonely and sad. Of course he won’t understand what they’re saying, but at least the house won’t be completely quiet.


6. Select a special room


Finally, you may prefer to leave him in a small room, restricting his access to other areas of the house. For example: kitchen. All of his personal belongings must be here with him. This includes the bed, toys , and food and drink containers. And never tie it . Allow it to move freely, but close places you do not want to enter.









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