Tips for Pregnant Women at Home with Baby Feeding


Most people think that dogs cannot be cared for at home with babies. Well, is that true? Absolutely not true. There are many families who have children while having a dog at home. There are also those who have chosen to adopt dogs soon after their babies are born.


While there is a baby around, the dog’s instinct for protection becomes stronger and the dog of the house becomes the faithful protection of the baby, even at the expense of his life.


If you have a dog and find out that you are pregnant , we invite you to read our article. We will focus on how to prepare your dog before the youngest member of the family arrives.


Preparing your dog for the arrival of the baby


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Perhaps the most important part of the job is not to leave your dog’s preparatory training to the last minute. Each dog will react differently to this. Perhaps you are sure that your dog will love the baby , but some dogs may need more time to get used to this new situation.


It is best to start practicing your dog during pregnancy. Keep in mind that animals have strong feelings and may notice that something special is happening. Many dogs have been seen many times before a woman can tell that a woman is pregnant.


A new resting place


Establish a new place for your dog to sleep comfortably in the house. You ask why? Because your dog is used to a quiet life where the only ev baby ”is in the house.


However, he will soon find himself in crying and screaming. Besides jealousy, stress can also occur. Even if your dog already has a place he likes to sleep, you can still create a quiet corner where he can get away from the chaos in the center of the house.


Replace food, water and a bed or mattress with a new one. For the first few days you can give your dog reward food every time he lays down, so he will get used to it over time. When the baby arrives, there will be a place where he can hide all the shouting.

 Teach your dog to be patient


It will take months for your dog to play with the new baby, even if he wants to. However, it is very important that your dog learn to be patient. Since your dog has never seen the behavior of babies with too many players, tough and occasionally rude from you and other adults, they may react unexpectedly. You can teach him to be patient by liking places he doesn’t like to be liked, such as nose, paw or tail.


At first you may not like it, but it will get used to it over time. If you’re afraid that your dog will react harshly to you too, you can give him something to try to keep his mouth occupied, or try while someone likes the parts he doesn’t like to be touched .


Get help from a dog trainer


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You can get help from a professional if you think it will be very difficult if you do it yourself, or if you don’t have time to prepare your dog because of baby preparations. Dog trainers know how to train your dog to behave properly and be patient around babies.


The trainer will also help you with the commands you can give your dog to ensure safety at home. There are also specially designed training programs to prepare the dog for baby houses and are generally not very expensive.


First of all, your dog needs to know the basic commands . Smell sensations have a very important place in their lives, so you can try to get your dog familiar with the new smells that will come with the baby. We are confident that you will make the best decisions for all members of the family. With plenty of patience and love, you will succeed in creating a new order that everyone in the house will be happier than before.









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