Tips for Separating Fighting Dogs


Dogs are animals that want to protect their territory. They get angry when they think their territory is threatened. Although your dog is a calm animal, you can find him in a fight at once. When another dog attacks him, he will also want to defend himself. Therefore, you need to learn how to separate a possible dog fight.


We will give you all the tips you need to know to separate the dog fight, because we know how much you love your pet and how much pain you will suffer for every second of the fight . If you encounter such a situation one day, take notes or keep these tips in mind so you can apply them.


What should we do to separate a dog fight?


Stay calm


Before you put yourself forward to stop a dog fight, you need to check your emotions. Although you don’t have much time for this, you’ll need a few seconds to decide how to behave. You should consider the steps you will take quickly during this time. After reading all the clues we have given you , you will be prepared for a possible dog fight.


You must remain calm; If the animals see you are tense, the situation will get worse and they may even attack you. Sometimes, these fights last only a few seconds and you don’t even have to intervene.


Let them soak


If you see that the fight continues intensely after you calm down, there are a few things you can do to break up the fight. For example, soak them. As you all know, some of the dogs love water, but the vast majority are uncomfortable with getting wet.


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It should be noted that whatever happens, water will scare them. As soon as you pour the water on the dogs, they will stop fighting. You can get your dog out of there.


Do not pull the collar


You should not pull your dog by the collar during a fight. This action will make the animal more nervous. As you know, they say altında under pressure, even a wise man behaves like a madman.. Why are we telling you this? Because during the fight, anger blinds your animal’s eyes; may instinctively bite you if you try to force it apart.


Make the noise


One of the things you can do during a fight is to make noise. In this way, the dogs are distracted and stop fighting. As soon as you see the fight stop because of the noise, pick up your dog and get out of there immediately.


Put an obstacle between them


An obstacle you can put between two dogs , such as any cardboard, piece of wood or cover that you see nearby, may give you a short time to move the two dogs away. Be careful not to bite the dogs.


Take action


In addition to knowing how to separate a dog fight, you need to know how to avoid it. No one knows your dog better than you. Therefore, you know how your dog will react when he meets another dog. But, you also need to know the reactions of the dog approaching your dog.


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Observe the dog’s body language. This is the best way to find out what’s on your mind. If you think your dog or other dog will not be friendly, quickly get your pet out of there.


Train your dog


The best way to separate fighting dogs is to teach your pet to play with other animals beautifully , and the second best way is to teach him to listen to your word.


If you apply our tips, you will avoid such a problem, and you will also know how to break it up when you see a dog fight. So your pet will always be safe.









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