Tips for Socializing Your Dog


We all want our pets to be happy and healthy . Did you know that one of the secrets of providing this is to allow it to contact other animals? They don’t have to live in the same house to make contact. The following article will give you some tips on how to socialize dogs. But you have to hurry!


Why socialize your dog?


Socializing your dog is important because it prevents his aggressive behavior, fears and bad habits. It will also be easier to train your dog and teach him new things. In addition, the park walks and family holidays will enjoy more.


If you do not allow your dog to socialize, you may have problems in the future. At first, your dog may not want to go for a walk, he may panic if he sees other animals around him or he may exhibit aggressive attitudes towards children .


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You can start socializing when your dog is 7 or 8 weeks old. At this stage, he can take care of himself without the need for his mother. However, he may not have siblings or even any other animals in this new house. So the sooner you start socializing your dog, the better your dog’s character will be.


Some pet owners even begin to socialize when their dog is only 1 month old. In such a case, the dog may first be introduced to family members. The point is not to start socializing your dog as early as possible, but to start at the right time. However, the younger the dog, the easier it will be to get results.


Tips for socializing your dog


The process of socializing a puppy dog ​​may require effort and dedication for its owner. But at the end of this challenging process you will see that your dog develops and grows better.


This is not only necessary for your dog to get along well with other animals in the park , but also to change his lifestyle. When dogs socialize, they become braver, more extroverted and happier. Please note the following tips:


1. Wait a moment before removing him from his mother


Although it is true that a dog can take care of itself after six weeks, it is recommended that he be left with his mother and siblings for at least 15 more days. In this way, he will get used to being with other similar animals, although each is independent.


2. Apply different strategies


As you gradually get to know your dog, you will understand which method is more effective for him; maybe walks in parks or prizes. Maybe toys or food . But the important thing is to learn a little more each time and socialize and get to know the environment.


3. Introduce him to other things than other dogs


The socialization of your pet is not just about getting a good deal with your neighbors’ dogs or your best friend’s dog. It includes his reaction to humans and even to objects he encounters. That is why it is recommended that you take your dog to a place with flowers, trees, ducks, butterflies, etc. to get to know the world .


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The idea here is to get in touch with everything your dog doesn’t know before, to make them recognize noises, sounds, odors. So he will get used to new things and will not be horrified when he sees a falling branch, a flying bird or a small child.

 4. Avoid negative experiences

Before socializing a dog, the pet owner needs to investigate where he can take his dog. There are many parks with special areas for dogs, but there may be free dogs in these parks that may be aggressive to new dogs.


If these free dogs behave aggressively towards your dog, this may lead to trauma that may prevent your dog from socializing again in the future. That’s really sad for your dog. Before your dog approaches another pet, you can talk to the owner about his reaction. At first, allow your dog to approach only dogs of his size and do not leave him alone.


5. Be very patient


Socializing your dog is not an easy task. Socializing your dog requires time, determination and patience. 15-20 minutes each day will be enough for this. Take time to socialize to see how your pet has changed, developed and grown.









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