Tips for Traveling with Your Dog in the Car


Want to know how you can travel with your dog in the car ? We will give you a few tips to make traveling with dogs easy and enjoyable.


Tips for traveling with your dog


If you plan to have your next holiday, weekend getaway or a relative visit with your pet, you should consider the following tips to travel with your dog in a car :


1. Keep everyone safe


It is very important not only to ensure the safety of the animal, but also the safety of other passengers in the vehicle. Dogs must not enter the front seat of the car or climb into the driver’s lap while traveling. It is also not recommended to place the dog in the rear seat without a seat belt or to travel on someone’s lap.
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If the car makes a sudden movement, turns sharply, or stops quickly, the dog may injure himself or crash into others.


2.Wear the seat belt that is special for your dog


You should not wear your dog’s seat belt because it is not safe enough for them. You can buy a special seat belt for dogs at pet stores. The good news is that these seat belts are compatible with normal seat belt buckles. The seat belt prevents your dog from moving during an accident so that possible injuries are avoided and your dog is secured.


3. Put your dog in the pet transport cage


If you have a small dog, you can put it in a pet transport cage when traveling. But don’t forget to put a blanket, pillow or stuff toy in the cage for your dog to feel comfortable. You should not place the cage on the seat (even if fastened with a seat belt). Instead, you should put it in the space between the front seats and the rear seats.


4. Place a washable blanket or cover in the car


Large or medium-sized dogs that can use a seat belt can put a blanket, cover or nylon on the seats before getting in the car. This will prevent the car from getting dirty. In addition, your dog in the car under the possibility of vomiting or vomiting.


5. Get your dog into the car first


If you’ve never been on a car ride with your dog before, take him in when the car is not running, so he’ll get used to it. If you have the idea of ​​going somewhere far away on vacation , you can drive your dog around at low speed to get used to your dog. You should gradually increase the time spent in the car.


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You can also drive him to his favorite places, such as parking. In this way, the car will associate with the places you love. When you first put her in a vehicle, you should not be a veterinarian. If you go to the vet, he will associate the car with the vet and then cause problems if you want to go somewhere else by car.


6. Don’t give anything to eat in the car


Your pet’s stomach may be sensitive to typical car movements. Some dogs experience dizziness or vomiting during travel. One way to prevent this is to give him nothing to eat after 3 hours of driving. You should not give your dog water before driving.


Even if your journey is long, try not to give him anything to eat during breaks, you can give him a cup of water.


7. Bring the toys


If your dog gets bored, just like traveling with small children, traveling can be a pretty bad experience for you. At the beginning of the journey you can be very excited and curious for everything. But as the hours go by, he can get tired and fall asleep. If he doesn’t sleep, you should be prepared for it. Take a toy that doesn’t make any noise to keep your dog bored.


8. Take a break every two hours


On long journeys, we all need toilets . This also applies to your dog. Stop where dogs can enter and make sure your dog’s collar is securely attached before opening the car door. Never let your dog get out of the car on its own and never leave it with you. In addition, some stops may have other dogs or car sounds that may disturb your pet.









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