Tips to Prevent Your Dog from Stealing Food


One of the common behavioral problems of pets is that they eat your food while you are not looking . If you want to prevent your dog from stealing food, you should read this article. These great tips can definitely help.

 The reason dogs steal food

They rarely eat because they are hungry. This is more about the lack of education. If your dog has done this before and you didn’t say anything, he probably doesn’t know it’s wrong.



If you rebuked him and continued to steal food, perhaps your punishment was not enough or you are not consistent with your actions. Like giving him food off your own plate.



One of the main reasons your dog steals food from the plate is distress. He probably does it for fun, like a game . Even if you scold him, he will fulfill your duty of interest.


It may sound strange, but stress can also cause it to behave . If the dog is highly dependent on its owners and is left alone for hours or is not as interested (when a baby is born), it can behave this way to feel noticed.


masadan yemek çalan köpek


The personality of your dog also plays an important role. If your dog is a glutton, catching him stealing food is no big surprise, because all he does is think about food!


Of course, the lack of adequate limits is the main reason for this behavior . Just because the dog was rescued from the street doesn’t mean it’s okay for him to steal food. If your dog was a stray dog, changing habits may be more difficult, but never impossible.


Preventing your dog from stealing food


Whether your dog has begun doing it soon or not, it doesn’t matter whether he has been doing it for a long time. Of course, it is easier with a puppy, but it can also give up its benign nature. It just takes a little more patience and effort. Some tips to keep your dog from stealing food:


1. Should only eat from his own container


If you teach your dog from a young age that he can only eat from his own food container he will realize that anything on the table or elsewhere is deported . Theft is never a problem if you do it!


2. Put the food out of reach


In fact, animals are quite clever in stealing food and misbehaving. Therefore, be careful not to leave “seductive” things where they can see . Always store your food in the refrigerator or in the pantry.


3. Teach you to calm down during dinner


Be careful when eating dinner. It is a common mistake to share a small piece of food with the dog. If you are eating, your dog can walk around your legs, put paws on the table, bark and so on. Do not allow . Above all, don’t let those sad eyes fool you!


masada yemek isteyen köpek


4. Do not allow him to eat from the trash or the street


Stealing food doesn’t mean that it only takes what it sees at the table. Most dogs sniff garbage bags or stick their noses into the garbage on the street. If there is glass, rotten foods or medicines in the garbage, it may also be dangerous for him . Keep an eye on your dog and make sure he doesn’t do it at home.


This is because your dog does not know when it is good to steal and when it is bad. So there is no difference between eating a cracker from your plate and finding a piece of meat in the trash.









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