Toilet Training: Does Your Dog Pee in Bed?


Dogs are indispensable for many people; these animals are very emotional and can easily be attached to their owners. These lovely friends may have some problems from time to time. For example, your dog can pee inside the house or even into your own bed. Toilet training in dogs is the sole responsibility of the owner.


The Main Responsibility lies with the Animal Owner


In most cases, it is your attitude that causes this problem. From time to time you treat dogs as human beings and forget that they actually have lots of animals. Dogs are accustomed to a hierarchical order. In this hierarchical control is in alpha and the alpha leads the rest of the flock. Therefore the dog owner must be a strong leader to solve this problem.


Your dog’s hygiene habits develop under your responsibility. It’s not easy to live with a dog trying to go anywhere; so you have to teach him the right thing.


When Does Your Dog Pee in Bed?


There are many factors that can cause this condition:



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In some cases, your dog may not know where to pee. In this way it may actually be marking its territory; however, infection, stress or other health problems can also cause this problem.


How to Prevent This Problem?


To solve this problem, you need to set some rules:



  • You must eat before your dog.

  • Always be the first person to leave the house with your dog.

  • Always keep your dog with you when traveling outside.

  • Your dog should sleep in his own bed, you should sleep in your own bed .


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Some Recommendations for Toilet Training



  • Do not waste time wasting your dog scold. You have to correct this wrong behavior in a positive way. Otherwise your dog will become more sensitive and will react more negatively as a result. For example, you can reward your dog when he has flushed to the right place. Toilet training can gain momentum with your reward.

  • Clean all contaminated urine. Use enzyme-based cleaners and apply directly to stains. Then wash the entire bed.

  • Consult the veterinarian. If this is caused by any medication or a change in eating habits, be sure to consult your veterinarian. It may be a health problem.

  • Make your routine frequent your walks . This is how you will reward your dog.

  • Greet your dog calmly when you enter the house. This advice is especially important for puppies.

  • Let your dog have a healthy and orderly lifestyle. Prepare a healthy diet for your dog and have him exercise regularly.

  • Give your dog the attention and love it needs. In this way, your dog will be more calm and less stress. According to veterinarians, some toys can reduce stress and anxiety.


Ancient Traditions


Wolves and dogs, even puppies, try to satisfy the need for toilet away from the nest. One reason they do this is to keep their place clean. However, more importantly, dogs are also protected from their enemies by leaving the smell of their feces away from their nests.


If you want to improve your dog’s behavior, you should actively take care of your dog. Dogs do not exhibit such behavior because they are angry, we cannot say that they already have such feelings.


There are many reasons why your dog can pee in his own bed. But with a little patience and stability, this difficult problem can easily be solved.









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