Toilet Training: Ways to Prevent Your Dog from Peeing Home


Most of the time, we may not know how to give dogs some habits. After all, when we do something unintentionally, we punish them. In this article, we will talk about ways to prevent your dog from peeing in the house.


Can your dog stop peeing in the house?


The first and foremost thing is to understand why your dog does it where he shouldn’t. If a puppy , this is because he has not yet learned how to use his anal muscles. But if your dog is an adult, it’s a little different. This can be caused by a variety of fear, tension, or desire to mark its own territory.


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Before punishing, you must understand the importance of training dogs at an early age. You cannot speak to the dog that the carpet is new, that the floor should remain clean or that you will not understand [194590013] . You should empathize with it and say “no, when you do something bad.


In puppies, you must practice ignoring for a few minutes after you get angry with him. That way he’il know you’re angry and that he’s being wrong. And when you stop peeing at home and start practicing what you’ve taught her, you should reward your dog by caressing, hugging, or giving toys .


If you do not have a garden and your dog needs to be left alone at home for a long time, you can mark a zone where he can pee. There are also toilets for dogs as well as for cats. Some even have artificial grass.


When you enter someone else’s house or during the first days of toilet training, you should keep an eye on it and pay attention to your dog’s behavior. If you see him rubbing somewhere long or pretending to pee (raising one leg), you should get angry with your dog before he does anything.


Tips for keeping your dog out of the house


In such cases, patience is the key. Perhaps you don’t have much time for your dog, but it’s important that you pay attention to it whenever possible. Every animal learns in its own rhythm;


Dogs do not have a rationale or ability to establish a cause-and-effect relationship to pee. They just see a place that they think will work and they pee, that’s all. Naturally, they want to keep their personal space clean (so they don’t pee on their beds , for example) and look for a place far away from things about themselves to pee.


Here are some tips for keeping your dog out of the house:


1. Use the dog bag


Put her in a bag to teach her to wait until she comes out while giving her toilet training. Use a bag and teach him not to pee as soon as he opens the door. However, we do not recommend this method to those living in apartments. The dimensions of this “transport vehicle alı must be large enough for the dog to reach out and turn left and right. If you want to use the bag, you should use a leash with a short strap as possible to be more attached to you. So he can’t squat or raise one leg.


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2. Keep an eye on him for 15 minutes


Do you know that puppies start bowel activities about 15 minutes after eating, drinking, waking up, running, or playing? After such activities, we advise you to keep an eye on him for a while so that he does not pee anywhere. And if possible, take your dog for a walk at that time.


3. Show a place where you can pee


If you can’t be home all day, you can’t expect the dog to keep peeing or pooping. So you need to find a place for him to work. So, how do you get the dog to choose the same place to do his job? Sprinkle a few drops from your dog’s urine to the ground so that the dog accepts that area as its own. After doing some physical activity, take him close to this location so that he knows he has to pee there.


So which of these recommendations do you think would prevent your dog from peeing in the house? Which one would you like to apply?









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