Top Dog Food Brands for Your Pets


Our dogs must consume dog food specially designed for their nutritional needs. You can find dog food of many different brands in the markets. However, in this article we will talk about the best brands and the features that make them different from the others.


The food of our dogs


Our pets cannot meet their nutritional needs by eating the same food as humans . That’s why dog ​​food was invented: a food produced exclusively to meet the nutritional needs of dogs. Dry food usually consists of a combination of animal proteins and other elements.


About 50% of the content of an ordinary dog ​​food consists of a mixture of these elements. Their quality is low or medium. However, dry foods of premium brands contain only animal protein.


The reason for the presence of only animal protein is to prevent possible allergic reactions to certain elements. It is important to remember that our dogs are carnivorous and that the presence of a herbal product in the digestive system can be harmful to the health of our pets.


mama yiyen köpek


Furthermore, premium brands are different due to their meat cutting preferences; they use the best and freshest meat in the region . Furthermore, the nutritional balance of products is very high compared to ordinary brands on the market.


What is the best dog food for my dog?


When choosing food for your dog, you should consider the size and age . Dog food is specially produced according to the different nutritional needs of different dog breeds.


For example, dog food for puppies belonging to a large breed has completely different nutritional values ​​than that for adult dogs belonging to that breed. In other words, meet the different nutritional needs of our furry friends for different life stages.


And not only this, but also taste is an important factor in brand selection. Like humans, some animals may like the taste of fish or meat more. You’ll have to try an endless number of brands to find your pet’s favorite dog food .


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As you can see, different types of dog food are available for different life stages. If you notice that the food you give to your dog causes an unwanted or allergic reaction, we advise you to stop giving it immediately and consult a vet immediately.


The best dog food brands of recent time




Acana, a Canadian brand, uses the best meats produced on their own farms to make dog food . Slogans ” Biologically Appropriate ™ gerçekten really reflects the mode of production. The foods they use include fresh meat, poultry, eggs and fish .


True Instinct


America’s St. This brand from the city of Lous produces completely natural and animal proteins for your pet . Its purely natural products are intended to contribute to the physical and psychological development of your pet .


Royal Canin


This brand, owned by Mars in Spain, is based on five basic principles: quality, responsibility, reciprocity, efficiency and freedom.


Royal Canin is a well-known brand not only in Spain but also all over the world, especially in Portugal. It has gained a great prestige for its continuous innovation in its products. The products of this company are of really good quality, and are primarily concerned with the well-being of your pet.

 Wellness Core

The purpose of this brand is to provide 100% natural nutrition to your pet and its products contain a large proportion of animal protein. In order to balance nutrition, they put a very small proportion of herbal products with a low allergy index into the content of their products. This is entirely for the good of your dog.




Nutro is a brand that uses only the freshest and most elite ingredients on the market for the natural feeding of pets . Each product has a special purpose for your pet. So, it not only feeds your dog, but also makes other parts of the body such as feathers and nails healthier.




Fromm brand products undergo stringent hygiene checks in the United States. All of its products are handmade and produced gradually to guarantee the quality of the products.


If one day If you think that Fromm’s products have become of poor quality, you can call their branch office in Wisconsin, taking your criticism into consideration and reassessing its processes and components for a better result.


Now you know the best brands of dog food for your pet’s health. Of course, the food you prepare at home is also a good option for your dog, but we can guarantee that the dog food we have listed is very good for your dog’s health.









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