Training Advice for Independent Dog Breeding


Many people train their dogs to be obedient, calm, social and harmonious . Things like toilets, sitting and doing various tricks in the right places are easily teachable activities. But who wouldn’t want to raise an independent dog?


First, we need to say that all training should be individualized to suit each dog. However, there are some techniques, tricks and approaches that you can refer to to further breed an independent dog . These tips can also be useful for dogs that have difficulty following commands. With a carefully crafted training plan, consider a few tips to raise an independent dog.


Socialization is essential


Socialization of your dog begins when the puppy. Exactly, it should start from one and a half months to four months. This is the period in which you must pay the most attention to your dog’s training and habits. Do not be aggressive or overly careful during training.


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During this period, the dog should always feel safe and the owners must prevent any possible trauma . Struggle or abuse with any car affects the character of an animal when it was an adult.


Regardless, the dog should be protected during the learning phase of the puppy. Therefore, the puppy will associate education as a positive experience.


Problems in the traditional teaching method


The oldest techniques tell owners to train their pets after they become adults . Today, however, methods are changing and experts insist that dogs need to be trained from a very young age.


The old philosophy of education – based on owner sovereignty and strict control over pets – is now a topic of debate . Contrary to the old understanding of education, the new form of education advocates the effectiveness of tolerance and control over external factors.


There are pet owners who are accustomed to using traditional methods that are extremely restrictive . Obviously, dogs of this kind are trained to be obedient and do what the owner says about fear of punishment. Dogs trained in this way cannot be independent.


Show who is the boss


One of the main problems in dog training is the owner’s attitude towards pets . Some may express their fears to the animal, while others may be very aggressive or humble. Others feel helpless when their dog does not obey them.


Beyond these, there are certain breeds that are not naturally obedient . The most well-known of these genera are: Basset Hound , Shih tzu, Chow, Basenji , Bulldog and more.


Why are these races more difficult to train? The answer is simple: These compared to other breeds are the most independent dog breeds .

 Clever dogs are often the most difficult ones


Overall, the most capable dogs have quite distinct personality traits . When you try to change the code of conduct, you may have to face too much resistance.


In fact, these dogs are aware of what is happening and know what their trainers want from them . Unlike dogs that are more obedient (but more dependent), they do not want to compromise their perceptions, sensitivity and personality traits.


In such cases, you should give e The training should have a final purpose and should be done wisely . Dog owners are more effective if they can skillfully use elements such as games, rewards, communication and patience.


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The key to breeding an independent dog: not giving up


It would be wrong to give up and use a smart force against or punishment . If you want to teach him a life lesson and he is resisting you, do not give up and continue with the next step. Otherwise, your pet will think that he has won and failed as a leader.


Consistency is more than important, it is necessary . Before any training exercise, think about what the dog wants to learn and why. Then you must accept and continue to challenge it.


Dogs, beyond their actions and personalities with what they show, are intelligent animals that act according to the examples set by their owners. When something doesn’t work, change the teaching method, not the lesson itself.


The good news is that long periods of education that are constantly strengthened should never be forgotten. A dog who has been struck stays away from fear; a disciplined dog with a strong personality maintains a person’s intelligence level.









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