Tricks You Can Teach Your Guinea Pig


Guinea pigs are very sweet little rodents. They’re great pets because they don’t take up too much space. They want compassion and attention, but they don’t need any special care, which means you don’t have to spend much time on them. Instead, you can spend most of your time teaching them tricks.


Guinea pigs are great animals for the home because they are sweet, impressive and grateful. People often ignore their intelligence and learning abilities, but they like to learn new things and can understand more than you think.


With a little patience and a clear idea of ​​what he wants to teach them, your guinea pig can learn some amazing information. However, it is important to know how to reward them first. Although they are vegetarians and love lettuce and basil, both can cause digestive problems – even toxic.


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Before you start breeding guinea pigs, understand what you like to eat. Find a meal he can eat without feeling bad. You can break this into small pieces. Each guinea pig has a different sense of taste, so the first step is to understand what you like.


How can you teach your guinea pig new tricks?


Before you do anything, you must decide which tricks you want to teach. Arrange these tricks from easy to difficult. Always start with easy things and then move on to the more difficult ones. After making a decision, take the game to pieces. Gradually teaching the Guinea pig is much more effective than teaching it at once.


Reward your guinea pig every time you succeed and do it the right way. If you do so for a long time, you will not understand why you are rewarding and will not learn to repeat the behavior.


Give each number a name. A word is sufficient and it should never be more than two or three syllables. Don’t try to teach two different numbers with the same name.


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First, say the word and guide your Guinea pig. After a few attempts, when you use this word, he will understand that you want him to do certain things.


Don’t punish when he makes a mistake because making mistakes is part of the learning process. It is best to start over. Don’t shout at him or wear him down: Doing a trick should be fun, not restless. If your pet does not want to learn or is not interested, is not worth pushing.


Standing up


There are many things you can teach your Guinea pig. One of the simplest is standing. Start with a snack in your hand. Bring it to his mouth and lift it slowly, so that the Guinea pig begins to stand on its hind legs to reach it.


Reward him the first few times he uses his hind legs. Then wait until it rises a bit and let it rest on its hind legs before rewarding.


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Don’t forget to say “get up m before you get up. Of course, you can choose any other word instead.


Making a 360 ° turn


360 ° rotation is another easy trick. In this, you will start with a snack again. Place it near the nose or bring it to the ground and draw a circle around it for the Guinea pig to follow.


Start by saying the word of your choice, then guide your pet through the movements, but give him something before the game is over. You can be sure that the reward will always take you further. After a few full turns, direct him in an apartment with your hand without giving a snack.


After a few attempts, the Guinea pig will only move when you say the word. However, each animal learns at their own pace, so some of them may make more efforts to understand the number.


Making a zig zag


You will need to do some manual work before you start this number. Build a platform that can stand upright using four or five bars. Leave approximately 10-15 cm clearance between each rod so that the guinea pig can pass between them.


The method here is similar to other tricks: Say the word and Guinea pig guide through the bars. Don’t go all the way at first, start bit by bit.


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Note, however, that you must start from the same side each time. Starting from the left or right makes a big difference.


There are many things you can teach your Guinea pig with these clues and some imagination. Some can throw a ball into a circle, others can jump over something. Some can push objects of their size.


It all depends on your ability to adapt to the animal’s learning speed and choose a method that motivates it. As long as it’s fun for both of you, don’t be afraid to try any trick you can think of.









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