Vegan Dogs: Do Dogs Become Vegan?


Vegan dogs are something you may never have encountered. However, some people apply this diet to their dogs.


Veganism is one of the latest trends in the dining area. People think that this lifestyle is healthier for their bodies and extends their lifespan. Many people who practice this lifestyle want to pass on the same thing to their pets. So if you’re interested in providing your dog with a vegan diet, keep reading.


Who is Vegan?


Vegan refers to those who do not consume animal products. A stricter form of vegetarianism, which has been fashionable for years. Vegans do not only consume meat and fish, but also eggs, dairy products, gelatin and even honey.


No food made from or associated with animals in any way is included in the diet. The main foods that vegans eat are cereals, rice, vegetables, fruits, legumes and nuts. The common question about vegan nutrition is whether dogs can meet all the healthy foods they need with this diet.


Legumes, soybeans and some nuts, contain plenty of protein and water. Vegetables and fruits contain fiber and vitamins. In addition to the aforementioned foods, they also make extra use of raw sugar. That’s why we learned that people on a vegan diet live quite normal. But does the same apply to dogs?


Vegan Dogs: Do Dogs Become Vegan?


As mentioned earlier, you can obtain vegetarian dogs. The difference between this diet and veganism is that vegetarians consume products of animals that are not damaged during processing. This is; egg, butter, milk. However, veganism is even more complicated. Therefore, most people, especially when it comes to pets, are against this feeding method.


Can we have vegan dogs? For example, cats are carnivores and need protein to survive. But the story of dogs is different. You can understand the reason from science.


There are processed foods that use proteins contained in vegetables and plants. Experts show that they all meet nutritional standards to protect the health of animals. These foods include soy, potatoes, peas, minerals, vitamins and amino acids. Experts say that the most important diet in a dog’s life is balanced nutrition , suspects plants can provide all the necessary nutrients.


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Opposing view


Some veterinarians, physicians, and scientists argue that meat is necessary for dogs. According to one: or we know a lot about feeding dogs, but there is a lot we don’t. Even if we ask them to follow a balanced diet , we must ensure that the vegan diet also contains all the necessary nutrients. This is very difficult to achieve with a normal diet. ” Most of the 24 foods studied did not meet the standard requirements. Therefore, a quality meat is needed to fill these gaps .


One of the doctors involved in the analysis, Freeman said, “If people don’t feed their animals meat because they are healthier, they are very wrong.”


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Favorable opinion


On the other hand, there are views in favor of vegan dogs. Some studies have shown that some dogs are allergic to certain types of meat and dairy products. Vegan diet may be the option of solving this problem.


Even some well-known vegetarians suggest that dogs should use such a diet for 12 weeks to relieve allergies. In addition, it is always important to constantly check the animal’s health . This is still an unresolved issue. Since there is no long-term research, it is not clear whether it is healthy to make your dogs vegan.


Consider the situation of two brothers who died of cancer at the same time . One is on a traditional diet and the other is vegan. This is the greatest proof that vegan nutrition does not make much difference.


Whether you want a vegan dog is up to you. Just be alert for changes to your dog’s body.









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