Vegetables for your dog: Which are good and which are bad?


Although dogs consume vegetables, not all vegetables are good for your dog. For this reason, you can learn about the vegetables your dog can eat by reading our article on vegetables for your dog.


Dogs can eat some of the food people eat.


However, it is healthier to consume dog food , since it will better meet the nutritional needs of their bodies .


In fact, food is sometimes produced for your dog in different shapes, patterns, colors and flavors.


However, you still need to know which vegetables your dog can consume .


Vegetables for your dog: Which are good and which are bad?

 In the raw meat diet ( BARF ), pets are fed home-grown food, meat, fish and fruit.

This diet is healthy for dogs because it is given from foods that they should consume in their natural environment.


Even if you can provide your dog with a variety of vegetables and fruits, there are also vegetables that should not be eaten for many reasons.


Healthy eating and life became popular even in dog food .


Therefore, dogs have a different stomach and digestive system than humans and it is important to think that not everything we eat may be healthy for them.




Read on to find out what vegetables dogs can and cannot eat.


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Vegetables That Are Good for Your Dog


If you have read the ingredients of dog food, you may find that they contain plenty of vegetables that provide the necessary vitamins and fibers.


Some vegetables you can give to your dog are:

 Green beans


Fiber is rich in magnesium and vitamin K. It is a vegetable that should be consumed especially for obese dogs.


Sweet potatoes


Sweet potatoes your dog will love include plenty of vitamin B6 and C and beta-carotene, an antioxidant that extends the life of animals.


Carrots Havucun faydaları


Carrots contain vitamin C, melanin and other vitamins that can adversely affect your dog’s health.




Most dogs love to eat cucumbers, especially in the summer, due to the large amount of water they contain.


If you want to award your dog , you can mix the cucumbers with some lactose-free and sugar-free yogurt. You’il be amazed at how quickly he eats!



 Like green beans, chickpeas contain vegetable proteins, magnesium, fiber and vitamin B12.



If your dog consumes an excessive amount of spinach , your dog’s kidneys may be damaged.


However, it is healthy to feed your dog once a month, a handful of spinach.

 Contains fiber, vitamin and antioxidant. Your dog will love spinach so much that you will name him Popeye!



This vegetable is good for constipation . Like sweet potatoes and carrots, the sweet taste of pumpkin suits your dog’s palate. It contains fibers that are useful for your dog’s digestive system.


sebze yiyen köpek


The vegetables your dog should stay away from


The list of vegetables your dogs can eat grows longer. However, it is important to know that some vegetables should not be fed to dogs.


Here are those vegetables:

 Onions and derivatives

Onions, green onions, leeks and similar vegetables are harmful to dogs because they contain thiosulfate which destroys red blood cells and white blood cells.


These may cause anemia in the dog . Depending on the severity of the disease, it can be fatal.



 Like onions, garlic contains thiosulfate and can cause tachycardia, inertia, hyperventilation and other health problems.


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 Dogs cannot digest mushrooms, unlike humans. It’s best not to give your dog mushrooms.



 Dogs also cannot digest tomatoes . When eating tomatoes, it can cause very severe abdominal pain.

Although eating well is good for your dog, be sure to check which vegetables are good and which vegetables are bad.









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