Walking with Your Dog: 10 Tips for Improving Walks


One of the most annoying aspects of owning a dog is not being able to take your dog for a nice and quiet walk. It can be stressful for your dog to constantly pull on a leash and disregard commands. Therefore, we will give you 10 useful tips to improve your walking experience with your dog .


1. Leash


Your dog’s collar is a sine qua non when it comes to walking and can make a difference when walking with your dog.


However, we do not recommend the use of some training collars such as strangulation collars. These put excessive pressure on the dog’s neck when he pulls the collar. In the long run, using such collars may cause more problems. When a dog pulls on a collar, it could hurt him.


mavi tasmalı siyah köpek


2. Waist collars


Waist collars are much less dangerous than choke collars. However, they exert some pressure on the dog’s body , but the choke is much less than that of the collar. A good waist collar can help you gain more control over your dog and improve your walking experience with your dog.


3. Check with your dog during the walk


Walk your dog calmly and take him under control. “Let’s go” or other expressions that excite them are not a good way to start walking. Your dog should go for walks with normal discipline.


4. Freedom


Your dog doesn’t like being tied up. Your dog will absolutely love a place where you can remove the collar. You can take your dog to a dog park , an open area or a place where he can run away from hazards (car, road, etc.). This allows him to play freely and move around wherever he wants (of course, under your observation). Allowing him to play freely will be reassuring and will remember this in future marches.


5. Awards


Award foods are the key to the training of any dog ​​because they can reinforce good behaviors . If you scold your dog during a walk, you will create a negative experience for your dog.


6. Identity


It is very important that your dog has an imprint with your current phone number. You can also use a stamp or chip . If you lose control of the Tasman, break the collar or any other unforeseen situation, you always know that you can bring your dog home safely. If your pet somehow disappears, these devices contain data that can help you find them.


7. Leaking the collar from your hand

 Dogs are similar to children in many ways. If you missed the collar, your dog probably escapes . The best thing to do in this case is to follow it. Don’t run screaming, because he might think it’s a game. When you follow him, be sure to follow at a calm pace. When your dog sees you, don’t run after him. Squat and sit down. Call him calmly and give him a reward formula, his favorite toy, and so on. offer.

8. Making your toilet


It is important to always clean your dog after it is pooped. This will only take a few seconds. This helps ensure a healthy and clean living environment with your neighbors. It also helps prevent you from stepping on dog droppings that you left the previous day.

 Marking Area 9


köpeğinizle yürüyüş yapmayı öğrenmek


All dogs have a regional instinct. Therefore they want to mark their territory during the walk and want to find out what kind of dogs go there by sniffing trees. So you need to be patient and allow him to smell and mark things.


10. Barking


barking with other dogs or people while walking with your dog may be disturbing . To avoid this, you need to distract your dog. As a dog owner, you can realize when your dog will start barking. At that moment, you can lightly pull your dog on a leash and make him look at you. You can show him a prize food or a toy or start his favorite game. This will distract him and prevent his annoying bark.


Take note of these tips and see how much they can improve your walking experience with your dog. Both you and your dog will certainly benefit from it.









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