Ways to calm a grumpy dog


The temperament of dogs varies according to their character. So, how can you calm a dog that is angry and aggressive? There are several methods you can try.


Of course, their genetic structure plays an important role in this. However, the owner’s behavior is also effective in a dog’s temperament. Dogs with aggressive tendencies need owners waiting for authority and obedience. This means: It is a dominant owner who can manage all kinds of situations.


Aggressive dogs can change their behavior . Of course, this is about how they are treated. If these animals are mistreated, their aggressiveness increases. On the other hand, if approached with respect and kindness, these animals begin to show their soft side.


Tips for calming an angry dog ​​



  1. Keep calm. The first thing to remember when trying to calm an angry dog ​​is that you must remain calm. If the animal feels any stress, fear or anger in you, its behavior will get worse. When trying to calm an angry dog, be sure to speak calmly and gently. Pay attention to your body language and make sure that your posture gives a strong message that you are in control of the current situation.


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2. Whatever you do, but avoid behaviors that may be perceived as challenges or threats. When dogs get angry, they start to jump and jump in a meaningless way.


Chasing and trying to catch a dog that behaves like this can make the situation worse. The right thing to do is to stay calm and move slowly and calmly if you need to move.


Another thing to watch out for is not standing directly in front of the dog and staring at it. Both of these movements are perceived as threatening by the dog. If this is a dog you have just met (eg on the street), the best thing to do is to slowly retreat. Suddenly go back and try to suppress your desire to escape because this will scare the dog even more and encourage you to attack.


Clarity and positive encouragement


3. Place clear orders. An angry dog ​​needs clear and consistent commands. Learn from a common mistake such as giving different commands at once . The orders that a dog owner can say, such as ol calm down, don’t be afraid, don’t matter ır make the dog more angry because he hears a lot of different words at the same time .


Instead, give clear and precise orders. Start by calling the dog by name to get his attention. E.g; Like, “Bobby, calm down.” Then repeat the same command, but with exactly the same words. Until the dog obeys.


4. Do not scold the dog. When the situation is under control, the dog should not be rebuked; on the contrary, you should try to understand what caused this. Remember that positive encouragement is always a preferred method in dog training.


If the dog’s aggression is caused by another dog, the problem is probably the demonstration of strength between these two dogs, the battle to prove which one is the boss in a particular place.


In such a situation, it is of no use to scold the dog, as it cannot learn how to communicate with other animals in similar situations in the future.


How to calm aggression in a dog


Behavior that can be developed against aggression in dogs has a direct relation to the breed of the dog, such as Rottweiler , some breeds such as Doberman and the German shepherd are inherently impulsive by nature. However, this does not mean that all of these dogs will be aggressive or change their behavior throughout their lives. Consider the following methods to calm your dog’s character:


1. Stay connected to a routine. Daily routines and habits are very important for all dogs.


If a dog has aggressive behavior, having a certain daily routine helps to limit the animal and develop an auto-control in it.


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2. The dog must understand who is the boss. Dogs with behavioral problems need to understand who is the boss somewhere.


Such an animal probably needs clear and consistent guidance – for example you should pay great attention to your body language . A trust-based relationship is always the best way to correct a dog’s aggressive behavior , because a sense of empathy between the dog and its owner makes the animal feel safer.


3. Daily exercises. Dogs with a strong character are also very energetic, so they need to exercise regularly.


This floating dog should take long or short walks in the park or on the street. The important thing here is that the animal does regular exercise every day.


4. Nutrition. Hunger or excessive eating can cause tension in dogs. So, you have to make sure that your dog gets the nutrients he needs only as much as he needs.


Watching your dog’s movements and signals will help you understand patterns of behavior .









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