Ways to Keep Your Dog's Food Fresh


Your dog’s food sometimes breaks down and we don’t know what to do to keep them fresh, but there are many useful tips what we can do to keep food . The first thing to do is empty the contents of the package into a container. We must keep in mind that dog food has components that cause deterioration when it comes into contact with air. Think about what happens to the food we use. For example, cookies that have waited in packages for too long.


Some interesting tips on keeping our friend’s food fresh


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  • It is important to supply food for two weeks or one month at most , but not for longer.



  • As with the purchase of food for our family members , we must check the expiration date of food we receive for our pet.

  • After purchase, we must keep it in the same box for as long as possible to keep it . After opening the package, we must do our best to avoid contact with the air.

  • If possible, we should empty the box which has been opened and then manually closed . And then we must keep this container in a cool, dry place following the manufacturer’s instructions to maintain the freshness of the contents.

  • These products need to be protected from sunlight as they can accelerate their deterioration .

  • When it’s time to feed, you can use food containers , which helps dogs to slow down , reducing the risk of indigestion and obesity .


Taking excessive amounts of food


When comparison is made per kilogram, it is more economical to buy large-weight dog food . The important thing is that we know how to protect the food. We should avoid throwing it in the garbage because it’s broken.
The first thing we need to do is check the expiry date on the package . For example, if the animal eats 300 grams a day and you take a 15 kg bag, it will take 50 days to consume it completely. The expiry date of dog food must not expire before that date.
If your dog friend has a very demanding palate , flavor and content , from the moment the package was opened you should keep in mind that the final amounts will be much less appetizing than the first.




As we have seen , it is essential to store dog food in a well-insulated container from moisture, oxygen, heat and sunlight . The best way to keep dog food fresh is to store it in a metal or glass container. However, some plastic containers may also work.


The place where food is stored should be dark and cool . It is ideal for storing the package or container in a place on the floor, for good food storage. It is also useful to put a piece of wood underneath or a platform with legs. This will ensure that the containers are well insulated from the floor moisture and properly ventilated. Moisture forms mold and can not only spoil its taste, but can also create very dangerous toxins for the health of our four-legged friend.


Canned Foods


When it comes to fresh food in tin cans, the durability is quite long as long as it is not usually opened. However, once opened, canned foods should be consumed within a maximum of three days. Moreover, we must empty the entire contents into a container with a lid and store it in the refrigerator. In this way, we prevent it from drying out or smelling bad.




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The snacks should be stored by the manufacturer in accordance with the storage conditions specified on the packaging . No other type of container is needed to keep the airtight and sealed closures fresh. However, if they are in nylon bags or boxes, it would be appropriate to store them in containers with airtight closures; in this way, the present taste will be preserved and prevented from drying out within a few days.


The most important thing is to try not to store too much food .









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