What are the best bones for dogs?


People often associate dogs with bones. Some people have even joked about the relationship and affection of dogs with bones. However, which bones are really good for dogs? If you want to learn, read this article!


Shops sell artificial bones as toys, and at the same time, dogs believe they are real and love to chew them. These bones do not taste plastic, taste similar to real bone, and even contain ingredients that help maintain your pet’s oral hygiene.


These bones provide a variety of benefits to dogs, but they are obviously not produced to beat. Artificial bones No matter how appetizing it may seem, dogs still prefer real bones.

 The best bones for dogs


You may have heard that not every dog ​​bone is good, but you may not know which one to give to your dog or not. We share today’s article to resolve your doubts about it, so you will find out which bone types are good for your pet .


Before you do that, it would be better for you to decide to give your dog raw bone, but you should choose a bone big enough for your dog to prevent it from swallowing. Remember, never give your dog shredded bone as it can cause serious problems.


Bovine bones


These are dog’s favorite bones because they taste good and contain lots of gelatinous cartilage. The bovine bones have plenty of meat, so the dog can enjoy the aromas and have a good time chewing bone.


küçük köpek ve sığır kemiği


Bovine thigh bone


This bone provides several benefits for cleaning the dog’s teeth and contains enough marrow to keep your dog entertained for a while.


In addition, the marrow in the femur prevents the dog from easily breaking the bone and accidentally swallowing a piece. However, this marrow is difficult to digest and can cause diarrhea in your pet. You must remember that.


The bones of the lamb


Dogs love these bones, because they taste intense lamb. Remember, the sharp and thin bones of lambs can harm your dog.


Always choose the largest bones and always remember that should be raw . Cooked lamb bones break quickly and splinter is problematic.


Chicken bones


You’ve probably heard that chicken bones are not suitable for dogs . That’s not true at all. Unsuitable, home-cooked chicken is to give the bones to your dog. The cooked chicken bones break easily and can penetrate the dog’s throat or stomach.


tavuk kemiği yiyen köpek


The bones of the neck


Probably when you prepare chickens, ducks or other poultry at home, you discard the neck bone. Don’t do this, because if you give your dog the neck bone, it will be very happy.


There is a lot of meat and cartilage around the neck and it is perfect for keeping your pet entertained for a while. One of his favorite bones is a neck, why not give it to him to play and eat?


As you can see, there are many types of bones you can give to your dog. Therefore, do not hesitate to give your dog bone as long as it is raw.


Also, keep an eye on it when you give your dog a bone in case there is a problem.









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