What can I give to my cat whose food is finished?


Cats are not usually like dogs and do not eat anything you put in front of them, except for their own food or fish . Nevertheless, if your cat runs out of food and you don’t have time to go and buy food, you can find something for her at home. In this article, we will explain which foods can be given to cats in the house.


My cat is hungry and there is no more cat food left at home


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It seems that cats have a biological clock to let them know it’s time to eat. When they get hungry, they will let you know that there is no room for misunderstanding.


Meow next to empty food containers, constantly rubbing our legs, begging glances without ever separating their eyes, to face your face and more they ask you to eat countless numbers .


However, when the cat food is finished at home, sometimes you may not have time to go and get a new one. What are you going to do when the bowl is empty and your cat looks at you with a pleading face? Fortunately, cat owners have ways to solve this nightmare.


It may be a long-term solution to pay attention to the amount of food before it ends, or to go and buy extra food when it is half full. However, there are also some human dishes that you can give to your cat .


The food we consume will not harm your cat if it is given occasionally and in small amounts. Thanks to the vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates it contains in human food, it can be beneficial for the growth and development of your cat. You can have a meal with your cat once in a while without turning it into a habit.


Find out more about cat feeding


There are important things to know about your cat’s diet. All cat owners should know:


Cats eat meat


Cats are carnivores that is, chicken, steak and fish are consumed. To prevent possible diseases, it is recommended to give meat not cooked raw.


Cats consume dry and wet food


Some animal owners prefer to give wet cats to their cats, while others pour dry food into their food containers. Both methods are sufficient to meet the nutritional needs of cats of all ages. It would be ideal to use both formulas intermittently so that there is no problem of refusing when you get used to one type of food and give the other one.


Cats eat when they want their lives


You cannot force your cat to eat, considering it is a good time for lunch or dinner. Cats are independent creatures and decide their own meal times. In addition, they do not exaggerate the amount of food they eat eat only when they need it. If you leave the house in the morning and return to the evening, do not forget to fill the food containers before you go.


The amount of water cats drink may vary


Like all mammals, cats should drink water. If you feed your cat only dry food, it is very important that you always have clean water in a different container . If they eat wet food, they may not drink as much water, but water containers should always be available.


Cats eat according to their age


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The food needs of cats vary according to their age. When they are 5 to 40 weeks old, they need between 30 and 80 grams of food each day. 1 to 6 years of age from 40 to 130 grams of food should be consumed daily. Cats over 7 years of age should eat 30 – 135 grams of food a day.


What can I give my cat when his food runs out?


You can try one of the following options:



  • Meat: Chicken, steak or turkey.

  • Fish: All kinds of fish can be given unless they are raw, especially except for their favorite tuna.

  • Vegetables: Carrots, chard, beets , tomatoes and zucchini.

  • Fruit: Apple, pear and peach.









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