What can you do to prevent your dog from begging for food?


It’s totally unbearable: begging your dog on your bedside while you eat. Even including dogs who have just finished their meal . However, they are doing their best to agitate us. Actually, all they want is a little piece of our food.


Is it normal for dogs to beg for food all the time?


Yes, maybe it is a habit that bothers us and we want our dog to overcome this habit. However, the truth is we can’t blame them. Perhaps, even if it is “hidden le by education, it will be revealed one way or another because it is instinct .


köpeğinizin yemek dilenmesi


Imagine a delicious meal at home. What would you do? You’d go to the kitchen! Dogs have the same situation. They want to see the delicious food their owners eat. And in particular they want to take a bite of that delicious food. But the food is not suitable for them!


It may not be uncomfortable for your dog to beg for food as soon as you sit down. However, the real problem will begin when you have guests. From then on, your dog will go to your guests constantly. Afterwards, the most adorable puppy will take a glance to get a slice of bread, a piece of chicken or bone.


“Greedy ust dogs are skilled at making all kinds of shenanigans to get what they want. And if there are children at home, they will be their biggest accomplices. As a result, the children can get food under the table.


Early training will prevent your dog from constantly begging for food.


How to prevent your dog from begging for food ?


They know how to trick us and subdue us. First they make a sad face, then they cry … Sometimes they catch our attention with their little paws. But we should not obey the devil and give them food or else it will encourage them.


Although the best thing to do is to occasionally teach them not to beg us at the dining table, they often have this habit in the first few years. Here are a few tips to keep you from feeling like you’re the worst owner in the world for not sharing your food:


1. Keep your dog away from the table


When his front legs rest on the table, deflect him with a simple movement of your arm. You will have to do this movement over and over again for several days . In a week or two, your dog will know that he shouldn’t. With this movement, say le no gür in a bushy and short voice.


2. Place an obstacle


If that doesn’t work you’ll have to put some kind of obstacle in order to prevent it from coming to the table or near you . For example, closing the kitchen door, putting a baby safety fence or taking it out into the garden. This may sound a bit heartless and merciless, but you will be constantly begging for food and preventing you from disturbing you.


3. Give the food either in advance or at the moment


Most dogs finish their meals in a few seconds, but there are some dogs that take a little longer to sweep everything. One good idea is to give your dog food when you sit down for dinner. This way we’ll be comfortable for a few minutes. Another option is to get up and put some more food in the food container at any time. In this way, he will realize that the food is separate for man and dog.



4. Keep your dog busy when he starts begging for food


For example, you can give him a toy or a bone to chew. That way he won’t be bored while you eat. If you have more than one dog, this is a good opportunity for them to play in the garden or on the roof.


5. Connect with you


This option seems a bit harsh, as your dog can hysterically cry or bark, but in some cases it works. Insert the collar and connect it a few meters away from the table. Put his bed, food and water bowl with him for comfort.









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