What can you do with puppies who cannot leave the house?


Puppy training begins the moment they step into the house. When he first comes, he may be too small to go out because his vaccines are not complete. But puppies are always eager to learn something . You can use this opportunity to train your puppy who cannot leave the house.


Going out of dogs without vaccines can be a great danger to their health. Some animal owners are wondering what they can do with their puppies who can’t leave the house. There are also those who postpone walking training on a leash because they can’t get out, but you don’t actually have to wait.

 Vaccination program and socialization process

If everything proceeds normally, you can claim your puppy at 8 or 9 weeks of age. In this period, offspring begin to move independently of their mother. They are not yet weaned, but they can consume other foods. Most importantly, they can’t go out because they don’t have their vaccines.


In fact, this process may vary depending on your veterinarian and the laws in the country, but normally the offspring should be finished at 12 weeks of age. So if you proceed like this, your dog will not be able to go out for a full month.


The pups are very open to learning at this stage of their development. This part of their lives coincides with the period in which they learned to socialize. During the socialization, dogs learn how to communicate with the people around them and other dogs. This period starts at 3 weeks and ends at 14 weeks.


evden çıkamayan yavru


Therefore, this period is an ideal time period to show your puppy who cannot leave the house what he can encounter outside . We invite you to read our article to get an idea of ​​how.


Get used to walking outside


Even if you cannot get your dog out, you can accustom to wear a leash and walk with a leash. Since there will be many stimuli to attract your attention, getting out of the collar without getting used to it will make things more difficult for your dog.


You can also provide leash training to your puppy who cannot leave the house. As a first step, start by installing the collar for a few minutes per day.


Have him perform other activities while on a leash. For example, you can play games or give food. In this way they will neither match the leash with the excitement of going out nor perceive it as a kind of punishment.


köpekleri tasmaya alıştırma


Once you’re used to having the Tasman above you, you can try running on a leash. In the first few attempts, they may not understand how to walk and may pull the collar firmly. They will learn to walk without pulling the collar over time.


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You can teach basic commands


At this stage of their development, dogs’ brains are like sponges, and therefore is an ideal time to learn basic commands. Just a few repetitions are enough to understand simple commands.


First, it is very common to teach sitting and lying commands. But first, when you call it is more useful to teach the commands to come and leave something in their mouths.


yavru köpek komut eğitimi


Remember that their bodies are too small and that their joints will hurt as they begin to grow . To speed up the learning process, use positive reinforcement . Do your best to make learning fun and make it look like a game.


Create new stimuli


If your dog cannot go out yet, you can bring him outside. Introduce your dog to people of different ages and images. Seeing and recognizing different people will help a lot as your dog finally gets out.


If an acquaintance has a balanced mood, complete and healthy vaccines, you can invite them to your home. Dogs can only take lessons such as meeting and playing from other dogs.


sahibiyle oynayan köpek


Your dog can meet other than humans and other dogs. You can also introduce cats, birds and many other animals. Get used to other sounds and music. Although it is much smaller than staying alone at home, you can stay in a room alone and let it do an activity.


Make sure your dog can cope with the people and animals . Start simple and grow step by step. Give your dog a break when you feel too much. These courses are obligatory and not stifling.


The first exit out


Once your veterinarian tells you that the vaccines have been completed and your dog can go out, you should proceed step by step again. The streets are very different from your home to your dog. There will be many stimuli to learn.


oynayan kedi ve köpek


In his first few exits, he may not realize that he can do his toilet outside , or even want to walk. Take him out a few times a day, but only stay out for very short periods. The first week 10 minute walks will suffice. Do not force him to do anything he does not want to do and let him discover.


Puppies are extremely intelligent and open to learning. Don’t postpone teaching new things because they can’t go out . There are many things in the house that they can live and learn.









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