What is Cat Peppermint?


Cats; they are independent, quiet, easy to train and require minimal maintenance. With their easy adaptation to living in a limited space, their positive contributions to human psychology and their entertaining temperament , it is not difficult to understand why hundreds of people around the world own cats. In response to the interest and love of cats, some cat owners give their furry friends “catnip”, meaning cat mint.


The appearance of cat mint, which is not much different from mint or garden mint in appearance, has a drug-like effect on cats. When they smell, they may want to rub their face or body into the mint. They can also lick the source of the smell or pretend to eat it. After a very short time, they will jump around and start running.


Cat mint is a natural stimulant; It may have peculiar effects on cats but it is certainly not harmful. Some cats roll on the floor, meowing and scratching and pawing. Some cats just relax and start to look at one point as if they were hypnotized. All of this is normal, no doubt your cat is in a good mood.


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What is cat mint?


Cat mint, whose scientific name is Nepeta Cataria; sage, peppermint and apple mint, including 250 genera and 7,000 varieties belongs to the plant family. Its origins are based on the Mediterranean and North Africa; from these regions spread to many places in the temperate climate zone.


Cat mint; You can also find them under the names “catnip”, catweed or wild hyacinth.


This plant is claimed to have expectorant effect. It is also a peppermint type that relieves headaches and is an expectorant . For these reasons it was quite popular in ancient times; even in Europe and North America there are still more wild cat mint fields.


How do you know cat mint?


One of the unique features that will help you to recognize is that they can survive for several seasons. Thanks to their root systems, they manage to live longer by attracting water and nutrients from the soil. It can grow up to 40 cm in hot climates. The leaves sprout on both sides of the stems coming out of the stem and the edges are serrated, the tops are hairy. The body is also hairy and the color is close to gray.


White or lilac flowers leave the body of the plant in groups and form bouquets that will open in July and August. Cat mint has a mentholed scent that seduces cats.


Why do cats love this grass so much?


Cat mint contains a substance called nepetalactone that stimulates cat pheromones. Therefore, it causes behavior similar to that of cats during the mating period.


Molecular particles emitted by cat peppermint quickly fill the cat’s nose. It takes 5 to 15 minutes for the effects to disappear and can be given back to the cat after 2 hours.


Nepetalactone is not effective on all cats, but most will react. Experts say that two out of three cats have succumbed to the “charm” of this plant, regardless of species or sex.


The fact that cat peppermint is not effective on a cat is mostly genetic. The cat may not have receptors to smell the plant. Cat mint does not affect cats younger than six months. It is also thought that the effects of mint decrease as the cat ages.


Is cat peppermint hurt?


Consuming cat mint has no harm. Overdose cats may have stomach upset, but this is rarely seen. Some male cats may experience aggression because the plant has close effects to hormones during mating. But removing the cat from the plant will be enough to solve the problem.


Doing so will prevent all problems. Although not a threat to the health of the animal to control the behavior you should always keep an eye on the cat. Closing doors and windows and keeping the cat away from children can be a precautionary measure until everything is back to normal.


Five benefits of cat peppermint


The benefits of cat mint have been confirmed by experts. It is therefore used in the construction of toys and various edible products. There are also cat peppermints that are sold as dust, seeds, dry leaves or oil so you can pour them on your cat’s things. A small dose will be sufficient to show the beneficial effects of the plant. A few benefits of cat mint:



  1. Facilitates training , especially if you want your cat to use his bed or scratching board

  3. Allows the cat to relax and relax

  5. Takes control of obesity
  6.  Enables him to play games

  7. Good for the psychology of the cat


In short, if you want to make your cat happy cat mint can give. We guarantee you will like it!









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