What is the Best Mama for Your Dog?


When you find quality ones, food meets all your dog’s protein and vitamin needs. But how do you know which food is the best?


Dogs are both carnivorous and herbivorous, needing a varied diet , including fruit, vegetables, rice and meat. But nowadays, most dog owners don’t have time to prepare food for their dog every day.


There are a lot of ready-made dog food available in stores. Such foods contain all the nutritional values ​​your dog needs and are also practical for days when we do not have enough time. These foods are a highly effective method to ensure that your dog is balanced.


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Dry food


Such foods are very rich in content but are produced in a variety of qualities. Therefore, it is very important how much natural food contains .


en iyi mama


The best food is not the most expensive, but the one with the most natural food. Be sure to check the contents of before importing. Mama brands have to indicate all the products and quantities they use on the side of the package.


The best meat-based protein


When considering proper feeding methods, remember that the ancestors of dogs are wolves , that is, in their essence carnivorous animals . You should therefore ensure that your diet includes plenty of meat meat or proteins they can take from meat .


If you want to see whole grain foods, we recommend you to think again. For dogs cereals have no nutritional value.


You should make sure that the content information on the packages is correct. For example, if it only says “chicken,, you cannot understand whether the food is made of good quality chicken or the remaining pieces of chicken. You should prefer foods that provide detailed information .


Determining the amount of food by age


First, you need to know how many times to feed your dog . Dogs should be fed 4 times a day when they are around four months, 3 to 4 times a day when they are 8 months old, and 2 times a day when they reach 1.5 years old. Dogs of this age should only eat once a day.


Whether you prepare it yourself or buy it from the pet shop, you will need to make changes in the interim, as your dog’s needs will not continue to be the same throughout life . You have seen puppies, large dogs or small dogs made special food.


köpekler için sağlıklı beslenme


The amount of food you give to your dog is determined by more than one factor. At first the size and physical activity level of the dog is very important. The level of activity depends on whether the dog spends most of his time lying down at home or burning lots of calories on the move.


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Most experts say it is not right for you to cook and prepare your dog’s food. Because your food is not enough for the dog’s nutritional needs, and probably carbohydrate levels will be higher than necessary.


According to experts in this view, the best food; pet shops contains all the nutritional value of food .


If you still want to prepare your dog’s food yourself, never use your remaining food. The dog should have his own menu for his needs. You should pay attention to the quality of the food as well as its quantity. Like everyone in the house, your dog should eat well.




If your dog is pregnant, you should be more careful about your diet. You do not need to eat more than usual during the first 5 to 6 weeks of pregnancy because the dog fetuses do not grow very quickly during this period. Most of the growth in the pregnant belly has occurred in the last three weeks.


In order to meet the needs of the mother dog , you should increase your calorie by 15% every week. Puppies feeding the mother during the period of milk sucking is important. The mother should be fed very well in order to obtain the necessary nutritional values.


You can determine how much food the mother dog needs by considering the size, number and number of weeks of puppies .









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