What should you do to prevent your dog from barking at everything?


Whatever the case, dog barking is one of the ways to really communicate. In some moments, the reason for barking is joy. At some moments, they are a sign that they have warned you that there is some kind of danger. But we all know very well that barking can sometimes really overdo it and disturb us. So how can we stop our dog barking at the slightest thing? Extreme dog barking barking want to stop the behavior from the beginning? So the first thing we need to understand, first of all, is to know what the dog barked.


Situations That May Cause Dogs to Exaggerate Barking


If such habits have long been established and well established in your dog’s behavior, changing these habits is not always easy. In order to solve this problem, the situation should be approached very patiently. And you need to understand the various reasons behind this behavior.




Our dog has some basic needs, not only food, but more than that. For example, being friends with him, walks every day and having enough space at home. And when we are unable to meet our dog’s basic needs, our dog can react by starting to bark a lot. In this way, the dog has found a way of relieving its constantly accumulated stress.


Excessive stress can be caused by exposure to bad behavior, being too much alone and having little space. Or sometimes your dog gets very nervous. In these cases, barking is the only way for the dog to relieve the increased tension and express itself.




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Dogs are very social beings as we humans are their owners. They also feel the need to interact with living things around them every day. And even more so, especially if it is a very active dog.


If a dog had been living in nature, of course with his flock he would have spent twenty-four hours a day. And even when the dog was resting or tired, there was another dog around. This dog would watch him, spend time with him and play games with him.


This is exactly why, if you plan to leave your dog alone for a long time, there is a great thing you can do for him. That is, you find someone – or a dog – that can accompany and accompany him. This will be the best thing you can do for him.


Separation Anxiety


This problem is very closely related to the loneliness we just mentioned. If our dog remains unchecked at home or unchecked by someone, any separation anxiety or anxiety can turn into behavior disorder. Imagine if your dog does the following: Bite, chew, or bark.


If your dog behaves this way the solution is to go to the source of the problem. It will also be very important to try to improve separation anxiety by providing peace, health and comfort to the dog.


Social Issues


Even dogs that are constantly entertained and pleasant can sometimes bark at objects, vehicles and people. Such social problems may occur if the dog has not yet developed the ability to socialize normally as a puppy. These problems, on the other hand, can cause them to constantly be afraid of the noise we hear in our daily life, the sounds of children and bicycles. If your dog is barking excessively and you think the problem is a social problem, you may need to seek advice from a specialist.


Excessive arousal


There are some dogs that are very entertaining and very quickly excited. Even if they are still puppies they are much more excited. In fact, they seem to be unable to resist the desire to bark against the slightest external stimulus. Such situations usually occur when the dog plays with other animals, discovers new things, does something he likes, or gets too excited . Sometimes the emotion he feels is so strong that the puppy or adult dog cannot control himself or even pee!


When such a situation occurs, it is necessary to reward by exhibiting calm behavior towards the dog. In addition, it is essential to avoid scolding him for peeing. Because your dog didn’t really do it willingly.


Avoiding Things That Will Upset Your Dog


There are some events or games that will upset your dog. For example you will follow continuously; however, playing with lighted things like a laser can never catch us may seem like fun. But this fun little game can actually annoy your dog. And, of course, this can also affect your behavior.


Being Healthy, Old Age and Even Deafness


Some dogs begin to lose hearing or vision after a certain time. And one of the unexpected consequences of this condition is that dogs may bark too much during their old age.


Of course, animals living in such a thing need special love. You should also prepare a comfortable environment for them according to their situation. If you live or care for an old dog, it is really important that you are constantly understanding and respecting them. In addition, you should never forget that the animal is a creature that has seen a lot before it ages.




Any traumatic event your dog has experienced during his / her life; can cause phobias related to certain situations, people or objects . So you should consider the possibility that your dog may have suffered trauma when it comes to your behavior towards your dog. In particular, it is important that you understand that the dog is barking only to protect himself from what he thinks is dangerous.


Some Useful Tips to Keep Your Dog from barking at Everything


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If you’re dealing with a dog barking all the time, it’s a good idea to consider these tips:



  • The most important thing you should do is to create a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere for your dog. And you should do it both at home [194590021] at home , both when you’re about to go out and outside. Loving your dog, massaging and rewarding them are great ways to motivate your dog to behave better.

  • You do not need to scold your dog when barking at even a very small stimulus. And there is no need to ever get angry even with physical harm. Treating your dog this way only makes the problem worse.

  • Dogs that are prone to excessive barking often need a lot of physical exercise. In fact, there is no need to put them in a very strict physical education system. But you need to make sure that their exercises are continuous and balanced.

  • If your dog is barking when he meets another four-legged friend on the street , suddenly try to resist the urge to pull the leash very violently. Because if you pull the collar this way, your dog’s stress and tension will increase. Instead, do whatever you can to keep walking as if nothing is happening.

  • To keep your dog as calm as possible and therefore to be safe, your calm is very important.









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