What to do when your dog becomes aggressive


Dogs deserve the reputation of en the best friend of mankind [, admirable animals. Throughout history, they have developed their own behavior not only to be useful to people, but also to be friendly. Therefore, it is often very sad when a dog begins to become aggressive.

 In this article, let’s look at some suggestions for solving this problem:

Is your dog getting aggressive?


When you feel a dog getting aggressive, the first thing you have to do is calm down. You must find the cause but more than that, you should not get stressed and make things worse.


Aggressiveness is a problem that can happen to any dog ​​and will continue for some time. This has nothing to do with any particular dog breed or the sex of the dog.

 After clarifying this point, it is normal for all animal owners to worry about the possible aggressiveness of their dogs.

However, has a solution to the majority of aggression problems .


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What to do if your dog becomes aggressive?


Go to the vet


The first person you should see in such situations is your vet. In this way, you can find out if the cause of aggression is related to the dog’s health and eliminate health problems.


For example, a dog may become aggressive due to cerebral anomalies . Epilepsy or hormonal imbalances can also cause aggression in dogs.


The rate of aggression in dogs is not very low. According to statistics, 20% of registered cases of aggression are due to reasons related to the physical health of the animal and the dog’s inability to suffer . This is also common in humans; only dogs cannot express their discomfort like humans because they are not capable of establishing a cause-effect relationship.


Describing the type of aggression


With the help of a veterinarian, the next stage can be proceeded after the elimination of physical health reasons that may cause aggression. You should pay attention to the aggression of the dog. Is it biting strangers? Or does this behavior when you want to take something from them? Each answer to these questions leads to a different approach and solution to the problem.

 Dogs and wolves: similarities

All dogs, subconsciously, should remember that there is an aggression . Dogs and wolves are of the same lineage and are both animals that live in crowded flocks. When such an animal community grows, a dominant member takes over the leadership of the herd: alpha. Alfa seizes this leadership by imposing this on the other members of the herd.


The aggression a dog uses to connect with his flock is part of this structure. Hence, problems begin when this dog is turned off at home.


It is an instinctive idea that a dog assumes that everyone else in the house is a member of his herd . So it shouldn’t be too weird to treat people in the house as if they were friends in the herd of dogs. For this reason, it is very important to determine the hierarchy from the first day at home.

 Attack or defense


However, it should still be determined whether the dog becomes aggressive because of something he is afraid of or because of the desire to acknowledge his leadership in his field. Once you understand this, everything else will be easier.


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If a dog becomes aggressive because of fear, no method of punishment will work. This is to go to the fire to fuel. A sense of fear should be created in place of fear in the animal. Therefore, in such a case it is best to train with games .


If a dog is afraid of other people, you have to give him space for his short escape. The dog thus feels safe and comfortable , otherwise aliens may aggravate it further.




If a dog reacts aggressively without any valid reason , it is probably because it has already worked before . To change this, you must give the dog another option; an option that will appeal to the dog and make the dog do what you want instead of aggression.


It is extremely important to pay attention to the signs of improper aggression in dogs. Even in such cases, careful observation of the animal and its absence in the vicinity of children is vital.


There are also basic measures that can be taken to prevent minor accidents. Taking the dog to an expert for training, approaching him with authority and love, leashing while walking, and wearing a mouthpiece (if necessary) are sensible measures.









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