What You Can Do After Your Pet Dies


The death of a pet is one of the most difficult moments for an owner. You may find yourself crying while not knowing what to do with your animal’s body. Therefore, it is useful to know the processes waiting for you after your pet dies.


What you can do after your pet dies


Although many people think it is absurd, animal lovers and people who have shared the same house with an animal for years want to give their friends a proper farewell . This is a good occasion for commemoration. And why not? Here’s what you can do after your pet dies:


You can burn it at the 1st Pendik Veterinary Research Institute


Turkish law allows for the incineration of dead animals, including illness, for any reason. You may request that your animal be cremated by contacting the Pendik Veterinary Research Institute or veterinary clinics . If you have any question marks in your mind, you can ask the vet .


By paying a fee to this institute affiliated to the Ministry of Agriculture, you can collect the ashes of your burned animal after three to four hours of processing . However, you may need to bring a metal container with you to pick up the ashes. Ashes are inorganic and do not pose a health or environmental hazard.



In some cases, your animal may be kept in morgues within the clinic during this time, as a certain number of animals must be collected before burning.


Pendik Institute of Veterinary Control and Research: 0216 390 12 80

 2nd Animal Cemetery

Many countries have animal cemeteries for pets . In order to be able to bury your animal, you purchase a service that includes receiving your body, coffin and burial.


hayvan mezarlığındaki adam


In Europe, you choose the place where you want to be buried, as long as there is a coffin and suitable place. The embedding process is performed just as in humans. You can even print on the tombstone, but it should be noted that the cost of this process varies according to the size of the text and stone.


In Turkey, as far as is known, only animal cemetery Located Animal burial in Tuzla Aydinli village is the location.


After you fill out an Animal Burial Form for dead animals, a free burial is performed with the attendant. If you wish, you can buy from the nursery sold there to decorate the grave of your animal or you can have gravestone.


The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Animal Cemetery: 0216 393 00 10


3. You can take your animal to the vet


If you are confused about what to do , you can consult your vet. They will guide you in line with what you want to do.


Veterinarians in Europe offer two options for dead pets . The first option is to collect your animal in bulk with other animals. In this option, your animal’s ashes are massed on a specific terrain without being delivered to you. This varies between 50 and 200 euros.


In the second option, the veterinarian performs the burning operations individually. In this case you can take the ashes but it will cost you 200 to 300 euros.


You cannot follow the burning process. So you can never be sure whether the ashes given to you belong to your animal.


What to do after your pet dies


One of the things you should never do is bury it in the garden because it is often unhygienic and is banned in some countries. Another method which is very common in Turkey but don’ts is throw the garbage.


hayvanınız öldükten sonra yapılacaklar


Rotting animal corpses invites diseases and infections . Unfortunately assign a risk to human health, we see all around Turkey such views.


If you get caught in Europe throwing away animal corpses, you will pay a fine of 10,000 Euros.


However, our concerns are not limited to these . What is disturbing is that people are insensitive. Don’t you think that a creature that has lived with you for years and has given you incredible love deserves a respectable farewell?









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