When to Feed Your Puppy


If your dog has puppies, there may be several situations that require you to feed a puppy with a bottle . This is not a general rule. However, if there is an exception, you should be informed of what may happen.


In which situations should you bottle-feed?


It is better for a puppy to grow up to two and a half months with their mothers and siblings, but this is not always possible because of a variety of situations for a puppy to learn by watching. Some of these are as follows:


The pup may be an orphan


Sometimes the female dog may die during childbirth and the puppies are helpless. Does that mean they have to starve? Obviously no, you can avoid it, especially if you are nearby. Some of the main situations where you need to bottle-feed a puppy:


Lack of milk


If the offspring has too many siblings, the mother may not have enough milk for all offspring. Puppies need to drink their mother’s milk until they are full. Therefore, if their mother’s milk is depleted, it will be necessary to supplement their diet with ready food.


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Poor quality milk


This is something that is not so frequent. Sometimes mothers produce low-quality milk because they are immature or because of an unknown infection or disease.


In this case, poor quality milk causes the offspring to become dehydrated and undernourished, causing them to lose weight instead of gaining weight.


How do you feed the puppy with a bottle?


In extreme situations where you need to bottle-feed a dog, you should know how to do it properly and how you can help the dog develop healthy for such a diet.


The use of ready food


This is a very important point because a dog’s stomach, let alone cow’s milk, cannot digest milk . So, if you need to bottle-feed a puppy, talk to your veterinarian, but in no way should you give her cow’s milk.


You will therefore need to give your puppies a special formula that you can buy from pet shops and veterinary clinics . There are foods of different quality, and even if you only feed them with food, you can succeed in raising pups.


Select a bottle


This is an important point to consider because the human bottle will not work at this point. Keep in mind that when the pups enter the world, they are no larger than 10 centimeters. Therefore, their mouths will be much smaller than that of a baby. As a result, bottles need to have certain properties.


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In addition, specially designed for puppies, puppies have certain measurements that can help you know the amount of food you feed your puppy . It will be the veterinarian who determines it. They can also help and guide you which bottle is best for your pups.


How does a puppy feed on a bottle?


This is very easy, because you can do it while lying on your bed as if you were sleeping. You don’t have to hold them on your lap, because the natural breastfeeding position of a puppy is the lying position. Thus, if they are in this position, they can be easily locked into the bottle.


After feeding the cub in a bottle, you should observe it at the latest within an hour to ensure that they are excluded. If the stool cannot , you will need to massage your stomach and anus with a warm damp cloth. This will help stimulate the digestive system.


It is really unfortunate that the pups are left without a mother. Nevertheless, focus on them and help them move forward in their lives. Feeding a puppy is not difficult. It will only take some time and effort during the first months of their lives.









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